James Toney Puts Joe Mesi On Blast

By G. Leon


James Toney Puts Joe Mesi On Blast

GL: You're calling me early on Saturday and I know why. Tell us what you'd like to say in response to Joe Mesi's remarks on Friday Night Fights."Joe Mesi's on ESPN Friday Night Fights talking all that trash, but he wants to do nothing about it. He would NEVER fight me. He reminds me of Rocky Balboa, but in the opening scene of the first movie when he was just a club fighter. That's all he is, he's just a club fighter and now he's being promoted in Hicktown, Rhode Island with Jimmy Bumfield and they're going to fight one bum after another. They threw some little number at us knowing we would turn it down, so all that trash he's talking is just a facade"

GL: Would you like to fight Mesi in your first fight out the gate?

James Toney: "We could have fought in January and we could have fought in December, but they'd rather fight bums in Utah and North Dakota. He's not even on my level. He's a bum. He's a low class fighter. He lives in Buffalo, what's in Buffalo? The Bills? They suck just like him. He's a low budget boxer. He ain't never fight nobody and when he did he got beat. He got a gift against Monte Barrett and Jirov almost killed him. I mean Jirov beat the shit out of him and that's what caused him getting that brain damage he supposedly had."

GL: Were you shocked when you heard his remarks?

JT: "I was surprised, but if he wants to talk his shit talk that shit in my face. This guy wasn't even on my radar. But now that's he's running his mouth about me he's got my undivided attention. All that talking he better be ready to back it up because when I see him I'm going to slap those fake Italian teeth out of his mouth."


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