James Toney Has a Message for Rahman

By Darren Nichols


James Toney Has a Message for Rahman

"This is a message to Hasim Rahman: I hope you see this. I hope you keep your word. Come fight me toe-to-toe, blow-to-blow. I guarantee I’m going to send your ass to the moon. I promise you."

BoxingTalk:  James how is married life treating you?

James Toney:  It’s good, it’s fun, and I’m happy.  My family is all together, and we’re having a good time.

BoxingTalk:  How is training going for your March 18th battle against Rahman?

James Toney:  Training is going pretty good man.  I can’t complain at all.  It’s been a smooth camp, my best camp since the Holyfield fight.  I’ve had a whole 11 weeks to train, and we have 2 more weeks to go.  So that let’s you know how hard I’m training for this fight.

BoxingTalk:  When I spoke with Freddie Roach recently, I asked him how your training was going, and he said that training was going good and that your weight was coming down.  Do you feel that your time in the gym is being spent to lose weight?

James Toney:  Man, you are always talking about my weight.  It should not be a weight issue, it should be a fight issue.  I’m tired of everybody always talking about my weight.  If I come in at 260-pounds I’m still breaking bricks of everybody anyways.  The bottom line is I know how to fight.  I’ve never been protected in my whole career like everybody else has.  I’ve fought the best fighters in every division I’ve been in.  So why, all of a sudden is everyone concerned about my weight?  Are they jealous because my dick is big?

BoxingTalk:  Roach said he would be happy if you came down to 230.  Could you do it?

James Toney:  Who knows.  I don’t know where I’ll be at.  I might be at 240.  I may be 245.  Who knows.

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel you can handle Rahman’s power?

James Toney:  I have more knockouts then he has wins, so why would I worry about someone’s power.  If I was worried about that, why would I go to sleep, right?  I might as well have sleepless nights, right?  I’m not worried about nobody.  Why I should I be worried about Rahman’s power.  He should be worried about me.  I’m not even worried about this cat.  I hope all that talking he is doing, he brings it to the ring.  Don’t run from me, because I’ll be sitting right there.  I’m not going nowhere.

BoxingTalk:  What do you say to all the doubters out there who think Rahman is going to win?

James Toney:  Stay on Rahman’s side.  I love haters because they keep me paid.  They keep me buying houses and my 401(k) plan happy.  I love it.

BoxingTalk:  Will you only be happy if you knock Rahman out?

James Toney:  Did you see what that little bitch did in Cancun.  He only scratched me.  He’ll get paid back for that.  Don’t worry about it.

BoxingTalk:  Would you be satisfied with a decision against Rahman, or are you going for the knockout?

James Toney:  I’m going to knock him out.  Just like how I told everyone that I was going to knock Holyfield out, I’m going to knock Rahman out.  I really mean it.  Remember how I made Holyfield do “the Heisman,” I’m going to make Rahman do “the Bobblehead.”  Let me tell you something, he knows it’s coming to.  You all know it.  That’s why he did that punk shit up in Cancun, Mexico.  He didn’t want to fight me.  It’s coming for him.  Hasim, eat these nuts!  I’m tell you, it’s coming for you all.  I can’t wait until March 18th.

BoxingTalk:  Will the fight go under 10 rounds?

James Toney:  It will definitely go under 10 rounds.  He ain’t gong the distance.

BoxingTalk:  What do you want to do next after Hasim Rahman?

James Toney:  I’m not thinking about anyone else except Hasim Rahman.  He’s the best fighters you guys say there is in the heavyweight division.  That’s who I’m concentrating on.

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel you’re the best heavyweight out there right now?

James Toney:  You know I’m the best heavyweight.  Everybody else knows I’m the best heavyweight, but I can say that all I want to.  My thing is that I have to go out there and prove it over and over again.

BoxingTalk:  What is your prediction for the fight?

James Toney:  I’m going to knock him out before the 7th round.  I’m going to punish him.  This is a message to Hasim Rahman:  I hope you see this.  I hope you keep your word.  Come fight me toe-to-toe, blow-to-blow.  I guarantee I’m going to send your ass to the moon.  I promise you.


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