James Toney: Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

By G. Leon


James Toney: Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Toney on Byrd fight in Michigan: We're not going to bitch out!

GL:  We're on the record Juggernuat James.  Tell us about it, Fresh off your victory over Danny Batchelder.   Give us some thoughts on your performance. "I give myself  B+, because the guy ran a lot.  It was a road-runner show.  The guy didn't want to fight, he kept running.  I guess he was trying to make me use my legs, which I did.  Tried to make sure I wasn't in a good position, but I was.  All of the sudden I split the bill."

GL:  Split decision, did that surprise you?

JT:  California judges suck, the commision doesn't even care.  It's the worst ever.  You've got an eighty-four year old man judging a fight.  It's ridiculous, just like the Cory Spinks fight.  How is a judge going to score that fight 117-111, for Cory Spinks? 

GL:  How's your body feeling after the fight?  When can we expect to see you in the ring?

JT:  I'm looking for another fight right now.  I'll probably fight towards the end of June, probably in Detroit. 

GL:  Who are some of the guys you're looking toward?  I know that Chris Byrd is out there.  You guys have been talking a lot back and forth, both from Michigan. 

JT:  If he wants to fight we can do it.  We're not going to bitch out.  I'm willing to fight anybody.

GL: So you basically told Dan Goosen to get on his job, and get you the best available opponent for your next fight. 

JT:  I'm staying busy, because I want to, not because I have to.  I would fight my best friend in the world right now if I had to.  Anyone, anytime, it doen't matter. 

GL:  Which one of the title holders are you honing in on? 

JT:  I don't care.  I want to fight whoever wants to step in and get beat up.  I'm really not concerned with who it is.  I want to give what the fans want. 

GL:  In some of our recent discussions you said you wouldn't be surprised if your fights with Peter took so much out of him that Oleg Maskaev wins the fight.  Is that still your position?

JT:  Oh hell yeah.  I still stand by it.  He's like a fish in the grease, he's cooked. 

GL:  Who do you like in the Zab Judah-Miguel Cotto fight?

JT:  I like Zab Judah, I think he's going to box his ears off. 

GL:  Okay, Winky Wright-Bernard Hopkins?

JT:  They're both my guys, man.  I hope it's a draw. 

GL:  Klitschko-Brewster.  
JT:  Brewster hasn't fought in a while.  I didn't think he should have that rematch in Germany. 

GL:  I just wanted to touch base with you, we haven't had you on the site in a minute.  We've got to get you back on the chat grind, and all of that.  I'm going to let you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend with the newborn, congrats again.  Give us some closing thoughts for the fans.

JT:  BoxingTalk.com, G. Leon, A.K.A. Greg Sugart Leon, keep tuning in. 

GL:  Yes, sir.


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