Jameel McCline: This is destiny for me

By Brad Cooney


Jameel McCline: This is destiny for me

Boxingtalk was able to very briefly talk with contender Jameel McCline. We were able to talk about his upcoming title fight set for October 6, 2007 against WBC interim heavyweight titlist Sam Peter.  McCline is coming back from a serious knee injury that he suffered during his last title challenge against Nikolay Valuev.

BT -Jameel you have been here before, what will make the difference for you this time?
JM - This is destiny for me, it's destiny.

BT -Do you have any concerns with your knee going into this fight?
JM - None at all, my knee feels great and I am ready to go.

BT -How do you see yourself matching up against Sam Peter?
JM - This is a perfect matchup for me, it's a great matchup.

BT -You have a chance to bring a belt to America, what are your thoughts on that?
JM - It would be nice to finally have an American champion after losing the belt to so many non-Americans.

BT - Can you give some closing thoughts for your fans?
JM - I want to thank all of my fans for sticking by me.  I won't let you down!


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