Jameel McCline Speaks on Blood Disorder and His Future with the Heavies

by Darren Nichols


Jameel McCline Speaks on Blood Disorder and His Future with the Heavies

"I had a blood disorder that was effecting my wind, and I was not getting enough oxygen to carry me through."

BoxingTalk:  Jameel, how do you rate your performance in your last fight against Rob Calloway?

Jameel McCline:  Only because I’m so talented, and there is so much room for improvement, I give myself a “D+.”

BoxingTalk:  Why do you rate yourself so low?

Jameel McCline:  I’m a very dominant fighter and I was very concerned with some medical issues ever since the Byrd fight.  I was concerned with those issues coming into play, which made me fight more timid than I would have.

BoxingTalk:  Can you expand any on what those medical issues are?

Jameel McCline:  I had a blood disorder that was effecting my wind, and I was not getting enough oxygen to carry me through.  I also have hemochromatosis, which is an iron overload in the blood, and is detrimental to an athlete.

BoxingTalk:  Are you disappointed that you didn’t get a knockout victory against a relatively unknown opponent?

Jameel McCline:  No, the guy did have 65 wins, and even though Rahman got him out of there quicker, he and I are different fighters.  I get things done the way I get things done.

BoxingTalk:  What statement do you feel you made in your victory against Calloway?

Jameel McCline:  A win against a guy like that is disappointing because I’m one of the best fighters in the world.  That’s why I’m not under any illusion that I’m back in old form.  I’ll continue to stay busy and get my way back to my old form when I first exploded on to the scene.

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel your have a problem with stamina is solely based on your blood disorder?

Jameel McCline:  Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.  We tried more sprints, more runs, less rounds, more rounds.  We did everything and we tried everything and no formula worked.  It was what the doctor had said, but we’re all fixed now.  I’m not wheezing for breath any more.

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel you need to get a big win against top-20 opponent in your next fight to stay on top of this division?

Jameel McCline:  Absolutely.  We’re looking at a lot of different options right now.  There’s a lot of different things out there before the summer is out, and it will include a top-20 opponent.

BoxingTalk:  I’m hearing that you are fighting on June 2nd in Miami on Telemundo, and then again in July on ESPN.  Can you give us any more details about those fights?

Jameel McCline:  I’m not sure about the June date so you can scratch that.  In July, all I know is that I’m staying busy, but I’m not sure of my opponent.

BoxingTalk:  You have been in the ring with both Wladimir Klitschko and Chris Byrd.  What are your thoughts about each of their performances and the fight itself?

Jameel McCline:  Listen, I thought Byrd showed tremendous heart and courage, which is why I’ve been so admirable of his performances, but Klitschko stayed his game plan and came home with the win, but that doesn’t take anything away from Byrd.

BoxingTalk:  You had Byrd down when you fought him, but he rose up to take the decision.  Do you feel with Byrd’s recent loss against Klitschko that a rematch with him is more possible now than it was a month ago?

Jameel McCline:  Anything is possible.  We’re even looking at where James Toney is going.


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