Jack Mosley Updates Boxingtalk

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Jack Mosley Updates Boxingtalk

“Oscar is going to beat him. That’s for sure, with or without me."

RC: Jack what’s the latest on the possibility of you training Oscar?
JM: I was able to talk with Richard (Schaefer) and it seems favorable so we will see. They haven’t gotten back with me yet after that. Floyd turned it down.

RC: Jack can you elaborate on what Richard Schaefer and yourself have spoken about up to this point?
JM: Well he didn’t really say “Yea” or “Nae”, but it sounds favorable. I explained everything. I laid out the project. How I would train him, what I would do, how it would be done and how we are going to win the fight. Now all I got to do is show him. I told Richard everything on how I would do it. I gave him my pitch about what I can do, and or course he already knows what I can do.

RC: Judging from the phone call, how did he take to your presentation?
JM: He seems to be positive.

RC: So there’s a good possibility you might be snatching Oscar up from Floyd Sr.
JM: Well I mean that will just be for that fight now he can go back to Floyd after the fight, I am not trying to take him from Floyd. I just want to train him for this fight. I mean it is the right thing to do, let him (Oscar) say “ Okay you stand aside so someone else can train me for this fight with your son, and after that I will go back to you” and that’s if Floyd’s feeling are not hurt. If he is going to be able to stand it then it is cool. I am really not after the money and all that stuff like that; I am just going to become trainer of the year once again.

RC: What are your thoughts on the comments Floyd Sr. Made about you here on Boxingtalk?
JM:  That is good for him, I am not even listening to that **explicit**, that don’t even phase me. I am doing what I am doing. I have one to live, I am living my life and I am not letting anybody spoil it. I don’t even care. (Starts to laugh)

They aren’t trying to hire him, so what can I say? I don’t have nothing to do with that. I can’t make any decision on that behalf. The only thing I can do is for me and mine at this point. Like I said I have one life to live, and I am living it. It aint like he is doing me a favor, I got to do my own favors. Floyd isn’t offering me one thing about nothing. So as far as I am concerned he is invincible. I mean if I see him I am going to speak to him and all of that, I am not going to be disrespectable or nothing, but at the same time I am invincible to him and he is invincible to me. That is just the way life is going, it just takes it course whichever way it is going to go. He can say what he wants to say because I don’t even care.

The final analysis on the whole thing is what is the end result, when the end result is out. Then it speaks for itself. I am not going to worry about any of that other stuff. As far as I am a better trainer than him or he is a better trainer, I don’t care about all of that stuff. He (Floyd Sr.) can say he is the best trainer in universe, I don’t give a damn. He can be the best trainer in the universe, but I am going to get this job for that fight. (Starts to laugh) and that’s all that matters.  He can be the best trainer on the planet, the universe, mars and the moon. I don’t care; he can continue to be for the rest of his life…. In is head. (Starts to laugh again) it doesn’t matter to me. I will say hey Floyd how are you doing? Smile and keep on going, and he can say “(Starts to imitate Floyd’s Sr. voice) “I’m the best trainer, I am the best trainer” and I will just say (In an “okay if you say so” sarcastic voice) fine, you are right Floyd, you are the best trainer, keep on being the best trainer. But let me just do this here job (Train Oscar to fight Floyd Jr.).

RC: Jack, you are…
JM: (Cutting in) I just got to do this job, then the whole world will be focused on what Jack is going to do with Oscar, that’s a big ass story. So all the egos are flying and I am feeding me ego too (Starts to chuckle out of control)

RC: (Laughing at the part where he admits he feeds his own ego)
JM: I am not going to be out there disrespecting him (Floyd Sr.) to be all mean mugging him and mad at him; I am not trying to have a heart attack or a stroke. That’s how I do it.  Forget all of that other stuff. If he wants to be the king of the world then go ahead and be it, I don’t care, I am going to get this job though. He can be king of the world, number one four years in a row, I don’t care, I am just getting this job, well at least I applied for it, I put my application in and we will see what happens. If I am the best man for the job at the time, then so be it, if not then so be it too. At least I tried, and that aint going to stop me from living either, I am just going to keep on living. I m not going to worry about all this stuff. Like I said I only have one life to live.

If I am elected for the job, then I will be in history. If they do a movie on Oscar, I will be in the movie, Floyd will be in the movie and we will be in history. You see what I am saying? So I don’t mind sharing (starts to laugh)

RC: (Chuckling) Jack you are on a roll today..
JM: But hey, Floyd (Sr.) is an all right guy, I aint got nothing against Floyd, but they are having problems so Oscar has to make a decision. So if he aint going to use Floyd, why not use me? Floyd should be happy that he is using me other  than somebody else. I mean who else better to use?

Now you see, if he aint using Floyd (Sr.), he (Floyd Sr.) might want Oscar to lose. With me in the corner, he has a damn good chance of winning, which he is. Not a damn good chance...he is going to win and he knows it. I don’t know what people are talking about. They got Floyd favored to win and all of that; Oscar is going to beat him. That’s for sure, with or without me.

Floyd can’t beat Oscar, people say “ooh Shane beat him and Shane was faster” no Shane had power to kind of nullify the stuff a little bit. That is what they forget. He had some power. He wasn’t just out boxing him, he was hitting him with some power so he had to make Oscar think. With Floyd, man with those little taps Oscar will tear his little butt up. I just don’t think little Floyd can do nothing to hurt or beat Oscar, I really cant. And they think Oscar is going to get tired? Nope. He isn’t going to get tired.

RC: Well Oscar does have a history of fading late and getting tired in fights. If you were to train him, what would you do for Oscar that will make sure that doesn’t happen in this fight?
JM: That is just probably having to do with his lifestyle a little bit. But we can cut that lifestyle out that he might have had. We will just go straight to training. Oscar trains hard but we will work on diet and stuff like that too. Straight dieting, you don’t eat just to eat, you gotta eat for energy, that’s the way we will do it and of course you have to exercise too, but diet plays a STRONG part in it.

RC: When I spoke to Floyd Sr. he gave us a little idea on how he would help Oscar beat Floyd Jr. In your presentation that you presented to them (Oscar and Richard Schaefer), can you give us an idea of what it consisted of as far as what you would do for Oscar?
JM: Well I don’t want to disclose that right now. I don’t want to get that out there.

RC: I’m not asking to reveal the plan, and obviously Floyd Sr. didn’t want to give his up either, but he did give a little hint by saying he will basically minimize Floyd’s speed and force Floyd to fight. So is the plan…
JM: (Cutting in) it sounds good, but how are you going to make a guy fight if they are moving around the ring on you? So you have to train Oscar to do certain things to slow that down. You see with Floyd, he has got the right idea, but the technique, what would he use to do that? You see that is another thing; does Oscar have the technique to do that?  Can he show Oscar the technique to do that? And I pretty much let Richard know the technique in a round about way. I don’t know if he is following boxing like I follow it. but I told him what needs to be done. It is no way, man, he (Floyd) is going to win. I am telling you, if Oscar employs these techniques, man these are some of the things Oscar did when he was an amateur. I will just bring them back out. I got some combinations I would use, just for Floyd (Jr.). I got some punches I would use, just for Floyd.


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