Jack Loew: We'd love to fight Winky, but it's up to Arum

By G. Leon


Jack Loew: We'd love to fight Winky, but it's up to Arum

GL: You're aware of the goings on regarding the Pavlik-Wright fight on Boxingtalk, can you give us some thoughts on it? "First of all, the phones have been ringing quite a bit today. Just from what I'm reading and talking to Kelly, and I talked with Kelly and his dad today, we don't know where it's all going to lead to. It all really does fall into Arum's hands. We let him handle the business part of it, but we're ready to fight Winky whenever. If they could work it out, as long as he doesn't price himself out of the game that would be a really, really interesting fight."

GL: And I'm sure you've read Winky is willing to give Kelly the lion's share of the money.

Jack Loew: "Yeah. I know the way Arum's looking at it is, we wanted to fight him a year or two ago and he wanted us to wait. We don't know if Arum's going to play that game with him because not only Winky, everybody wants to fight Kelly right now. It doesn't matter who we fight, I still think Kelly is the most devastating fighter in the middlweight division. If Winky is willing to fight us at middleweight and live up to that end of the purse, we'd love to fight him."

GL: Kelly has already proven himself twice against Jermain Taylor, Jermain Taylor fought Hopkins twice before coming right back with Winky. Is it unfair to hold Kelly to same standard, even if the fight doesn't happen because Arum doesn't want it? How far will you guys push the Wright fight?

JL: "I don't know how far we'll push it, but I know we're going to behind whatever Arum puts in front of us. That's the way things have been going and I think they're going to let the chips fall where they may. Arum is calling the shots right now so we'll see what happens. I think the John Duddy fight was there because it was attractive to people, but after the other day I don't think that fight is feaseable. We'd be totally ready to fight Winky, but it's up to Top Rank. Cameron Duncan goes over the list and we talk from there. I haven't talked to anybody but Mike and Kelly, so I don't know much beyond that."

GL: If Arums doesn't change his tune and Kelly fights somebody other than Winky Wright, are you concerned that could reflect badly on Kelly?

JL: "You're always going to get the naysayers in boxing. But you know what we fought Zertuche, Miranda and two fights with Taylor. I don't think a John Duddy or Giovanni Lorenzo would be so bad, but we'd love to fight Winky Wright. It's all on Bob Arum, he's guided Kelly's career from the beginning and that's the way it is today."


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