by Jimmy Zermeno



"Just know that next time I’m coming for the knockout."

Over the weekend, former light heavyweight champion Julio Gonzalez dropped a split decision to another former champion, Reggie Johnson in Louisiana. Ray Clarey scored it 116-112 for Gonzalez, but Mickey Lofton scored the bout 116-112 for Johnson and Kenny Saintes scored it 115-113 for Johnson, resulting in a split decision loss for Gonzalez.  Julio would like to take some time and discuss this result.

Jimmy Zermeno:   Julio, what happened in this fight?

Julio Gonzalez:   I got robbed. Johnson was given a hometown decision. I fought hard for twelve rounds. I was aggressive for twelve rounds. I controlled the fight. Johnson retreated the whole fight. He was backpedaling, trying to counter but he wasn’t doing much of anything. He didn’t throw many punches, he didn’t land any hard shots, and he never hurt me.

JZ:  How did you feel before the decision was announced?

JG:   I  won the fight. At most, Johnson won four rounds. And that’s being generous. When they announced him as the winner, I was very disappointed. I couldn’t believe it. His hometown fans even booed the decision. Everyone in that building knew I won the fight except for the two judges. Those two judges should never be allowed to judge another fight. There is no way Johnson won that fight. I still can’t believe what happened.

JZ:   Are you going to appeal the decision?

JG:   Yes, I’m filing an appeal in this fight. I want the commission to review this fight. There is no way the fight was close enough that Johnson could be seen as the winner. I hope the commission does something about this decision and that they never allow those two judges to judge another fight.

JZ:  Will we see a rematch?

JG:   We will if Johnson is a man of his word. After the fight, Johnson promised me a rematch but only if we fought in Ft. Charles, Louisiana again. No offense to the great fans in Ft. Charles, but there is no way I’m going back there again.  I’ve fought all over the world and all I want is a fair fight. I can’t get a fair fight in Ft. Charles. I want to fight Johnson right away.  I can’t let him get away with this.

JZ:  Anything you’d  like to say to Reggie Johnson?

JG:  Reggie, you know you lost this fight. You don’t deserve this victory. Be a man of your word and give me the rematch. Come out of your backyard and let’s find a neutral location and do it again. I’m ready to show everyone I won the fight. Just know that next time I’m coming for the knockout.

JZ:   Thanks for your time Julio. Keep us updated on what happens.

JG:   Thank you for putting this out there. Something has to be done with the judges in this fight. I can’t let these people mess with my career like this. We’re gonna work on getting this rematch and proving to everyone that Reggie Johnson can’t beat me.