Ivaylo Gotzev: Klitschko-Ibragimov was a travesty

By G. Leon


Ivaylo Gotzev: Klitschko-Ibragimov was a travesty

GL: Before we get into any Peter-Maskaev questions, can you give us some thoughts on the Valuev-Liakhovich fight? "I want to take nothing away from Valuev. He got a big win and he showed that he's improved some. He needs to take that one and run with it, because Sergei blew his shoulder out in the second round and he fought with absolutely one hand for twelve rounds. I was way impressed by my guys heart and ability to sustain such a hard fight against the Giant with his left hand, not even his strong hand."

GL: How long will Sergei stay out of action and how do you expect him to recover from two consecutive defeats?

Ivaylo Gotzev: "He basically stayed in Germany and saw the best specialist there. They did a couple of MRI's and they showed some tears on his ligaments and tissues on his right shoulder. It's a painful injury, but the good news he'll be back to form in a couple of months, so you should expect to see Sergei in the ring in the next four or five months."

GL: Give us some thoughts on the Peter-Maskaev event, and finally, hopefully, getting this fight out of the way.

IG: "You kow what? I'm excited for one reason. I have the most exciting heavyweight in the business and Samuel is going to prove it on March 8. After watching the travesty on HBO the other night and I think everybody will agree with me that this was one of the worst heavyweight battles of all time and there was three titles on the line. I'm excited about it because I know what we bring to the table and that's pure excitement. This is going to be a no holds barred kind of fight.

We have two big punchers and they're both willing to take chances. People are trying to make Klitschko the top of the heavyweight mountain, but that just ain't happening. No way. No how. We know what Klitschko is made of, he's got a lot of anxiety and fear in him. He's been saying he wants to unify, I want him to continue to deliver on that promise, so let's see him unify against Samuel and see what happens. We have to get by Maskaev first, and he's more of a warrior than Klitschko and we're expecting a tougher fight from him than Klitschko. On March 8 the fans will see pure excitement. I'm sorry for all of the boxing fans who saw last nights travesty, just tune in on March 8 to see real heavyweights in action."

GL: After Samuel's scare against McCline, do you think he needs to make a major statement against Maskaev to reassure everyone that what happened last time out was just a fluke?

IG: "Everything is in his two hands, the left and the right. He will make a big statement on March 8. Samuel went into the McCline fight not ready for a tall opponent. It was a week of complete chaos. We didn't know if there was going to be a fight or not and he had to heal up from a hand injury and a peforated eardrum. He went into the ring against my advice. I personally know what happened and we were left in limbo. Samuel showed the heart of a champion by taking the fight and by getting up off of the canvas and delivering a performance that nobody will ever forget. He showed what champions are made of and the heart that he's got in that fight to the point that the judges couldn't deny him the victory."

GL: Samuel wouldn't predict a knockout when I spoke with him earlier. Do you have a less conservation prediction?

IG: "All I can say Greg is I'm excited. I'm extremely excited and I will let the fans be the judges after the fight. Expect something that is unreal and something that has been long awaited in the heavyweight division. It's going to be two big punchers going at it in the center of the ring. Nobody will run and it's going to be a terrific fight. My prediction is heavyweight boxing wins March 8."

GL: Closing thoughts?

IG: "Boxingtalk keeps on bringing the fresh news to the fans, keep it real, keep it going. Heavyweight action is coming back on March 8, so tune in."


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