Ishe speaks about adding Goossen to his corner!

By G. Leon


Ishe speaks about adding Goossen to his corner!

GL: How do you feel about bringing Joe Goossen in as your new trainer? "I'm thrilled. I'm really excited. It's something we needed and we picked him up to take our game to the next level. This is just the beginning of what's going to be a long lasting relationship. I think Joe's a great coach and I think his reputation speaks for itself. Me and Danny Smith had three great years together, but I needed a change of atmosphere and my personal life means more to me than boxing. And with Joe, I won't have to worry about my personal life being talked about so much now.

GL: When will your next fight take place?

Ishe Smith:  "Sometime in the summer. We're just waiting until the show's over and then we're going to explore all opportunties after that. There's no way I could make welterweight anymore and I don't see anything big out there for me at junior middleweight, so my next fight is going to take place at middleweight.

"I want Jermain Taylor G. I've seen him come up and I don't think much of him. I think he's very basic with a lot of flaws that I could expose if his people and Lou DiBella want to make something happen.

"Becuase of The Contender people know who I am, people know who Jermain Taylor, so that would be a great fight for me.

"Jermain Taylor just isn't the kind of guy that takes chances and dares to be great so I would love to get in there with him and expose the flaws I see. And If Taylor doesn't want to make it happen, I'll fight Kingsley Ikeke, I'll fight Sam Soliman, I'll fight whoever I got to fight to get them belts around my waist."


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