Ishe Smith speaks on mutual split with Golden Boy

By Brad Cooney


Ishe Smith speaks on mutual split with Golden Boy

Boxingtalk spoke with Ishe Smith and got his thoughts on the mutual release from Golden Boy Promotions.  Ishe wants to make it very clear that he has no bad feelings towards Golden Boy Promotions, and wishes them the best of luck. 

BC – Ishe can you comment on your current situation with Golden Boy Promotions?

IS – Basically it was a mutual agreement, and we decided to part ways.  I wish GBP the best of luck, I don't have anything bad to say about them, we just agreed to go our separate ways.

BC – So this was a mutual agreement on both ends?  Do you feel that this is in the best interest for your career at this point?

IS -  Well I was disappointed at first, but this opens up all of my options again.  I am looking forward to getting something nailed down with a new promoter.  I have many options, Golden Boy and myself danced for awhile, but now we just stopped dancing, it happens.

BC – Are you ready to start immediately negotiating with a new promoter?

IS – Definitely, any promoter interested needs to contact my attorney John Hornewer. It's over with Golden Boy and I, it's done, it's a mutual agreement.  Anyone interested in promoting me should call my attorney.  I am only 29 years old, I am hungry.  I just wish that Golden Boy and I could have ended this a few months ago, for some reason the Ouma fight fell out at the last minute, I don't know what happened there.

BC – We'll keep this short, any closing thoughts for your fans?

IS – I want to as always thank my fans, and I want to thank Golden Boy Promotions for the opportunity, I also want to thanks Lou DiBella for the opportunity that he gave me to fight Sechew Powell on HBO.  I am looking forward to testing that market again, and seeing what's out there.


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