Is a fight with Manny Pacquiao in David Diaz's future?

By G. Leon


Is a fight with Manny Pacquiao in David Diaz's future?

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on Juan Diaz's victory? "He was very impressive. He's a fast guy and his pressure was just all over Julio. He looked good, real good."

GL: Were you surprised the fight was so one sided?

David Diaz: "Not that much because I just knew that Julio couldn't take the pressure, so I expected something like that to happen. I didn't expect the knockout, but I expect Juan's pressure to be the difference."

GL: Do you think Julio quit?

DD: "Me personally I would have never done that, but I wasn't there by the corner so I don't know how he was feeling. When you quit on the stool it has to be becuase you felt something was wrong or you couldn't get out of there. He did what he felt was best for him."

GL: What do you think the chances of you getting Juan in the ring next are?

DD: "It all comes down to the promoters. If Bob and Don King can come to accordance about us getting together and having a fight."

GL: If not Diaz, when can we expect you back and against who?

DD: "I'm not sure yet, but there's been some talks about Pacquiao and stuff like that. I just got to wait and see what develops. I haven't talked to Bob or anybody to find out what the deal is, but I'm sure everything will shape up in the next couple of weeks and I'll know who I'm going to be fighting next."

GL: Can you tell us why your hand would get raised against Juan Diaz?

DD: "I feel in my heart that it would. He's a great fighter and a great champion and he's a good kid, but I just feel I would win the fight. I think my ring generalship would do a lot. I think that I do well against fighters like Juan, that's why I would win the fight."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DD: "Thanks for the support, hopefully pretty soon we'll have an update on who I'm fighting."


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