Is Vazquez-Marquez IV in the Works?

By Darren Nichols


Is Vazquez-Marquez IV in the Works?

Vazquez' Manager Frank Espinoza Shares the Latest

It what has become arguably the best trilogy in the history of boxing, fans are still talking about the possibility of Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez doing it again after their third fight last month.  I spoke with Vazquez’ manager, the classy Frank Espinoza recently to get the latest on Vazquez-Marquez IV.  “It’s not about the money right now,” said Espinoza.  “Barrera and Morales didn’t fight each other back-to-back-to-back.  I feel that Israel deserves a good rest and to look for another fight.  Down the line, we could fight Marquez again.”  However, Espinoza is a business man, and as they say in the boxing biz: If it makes dollars, than it makes sense.  “If the money is so good that we can’t pass it up, then we’ll fight Marquez next,” said Espinoza.  “But it’s got to be on Pay-Per-View.”  Espinoza concluded by stating, “Israel is in a great position right now.  We don’t necessarily have to go right back in there with Marquez.  I think we’re looking to get him another fight, and that is not against Marquez right now.”

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