Is Jirov rematch in Toney's future?

By G. Leon


Is Jirov rematch in Toney's future?

GL: Juggernaut James. You recently contacted me wanting to vent some your frustrations over some of the press clippings you've been reading about your recent performance against Danny Batchelder. "Yeah. My thing is this, you can't get water from a turnip. The guy didn't come to fight and he ran for ten straight rounds. You make a guy get in there fight. In the fifth round I even told him, 'fight me bitch', but he said he didn't hear me. What kind of shit is that?"

GL: And the remarks the press has been making?

James Toney: "They're talking about I looked old or my legs aren't the same, but I didn't get hit. He ran for ten rounds and I chased him for ten rounds. I cut the ring off on him, but he just put on his track shoes and ran. There was no resistance at all. He ran like Floyd Mayweather Jr, Floyd's faster but it's no different."

GL: Prior to the Batchelder fight getting done names like Vassiliy Jirov and Sergei Liakhovich were being mentioned, would you have been better off fighting one of them instead of someone like Batchelder?

JT: "Not at all. I tried to make those fights, but everybody has excuses. Excuses are like assholes, everybody has one. Liakhovich would have ran just like Sam Peter. He was supposed to be this big animal, but after going four or five rounds with me he put on his track shoes. They're talking about Sam Peter did something, but he didn't do shit to me so I don't know what everybody is talking about. They must be getting high or having orgasms off their own writing. I'm going to do James Toney and continue to be myself."

GL: Do Jirov or Liakhovich still interest you?

JT: "The motto ain't changed, I'll fight anybody, anytime, anywhere. I fought Peter twice and he won't be the same it's like I told you he's not going to beat Maskaev when they fight."

GL: They're fighting on September 29.

JT: "Damn, that's effed up. I'm going to be in the ring twice more before they fight. I'm going to stay busy and I'm going to continue to do James Toney. I don't care about what anyone else is doing or any of the excuses, I mean even my own promoter is making excuses. Put them in front of me and I'll knock them out."


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