Introducing Wilford Scypion, Jr.

By Andre Courtemanche


Introducing Wilford Scypion, Jr.

Son of former contender tries for 4-0 on Feb. 23rd

Press Release: Undefeated 28-year-old junior middleweight Wilford Scypion Jr., is the son of the 1980s TV favorite and former world title challenger Wilford Scypion, Sr. says he's looking to surpass his father's impressive ring career. "I'm trying get past what he did. My dad was around in the Hagler days, so he fell a little short," said the younger Scypion, who is 3-0 as a pro. "But I don't think there are any Haglers out there for me to have to contend with."

The confident power-puncher will return to the ring twice in the upcoming days, as he is scheduled to appear on the February 23 "Johnson vs. Gonzalez" blockbuster at the Civic Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and then again on February 29 for the highly anticipated "Double Main Event" ESPN2 broadcast from the Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, Louisiana.

While Wilford Sr. (32-9) made his name waging legendary wars with other hard-nosed middleweights of his day like "Hard Rock" Green and Frank "The Animal" Fletcher, his son says he's not exactly a chip off the old block. "A lot of people say I fight like my father, but I think I box more," he explains. "My dad was more of a brawler. He would go in and attack. I'm more of a counter puncher."

As strategic as he tries to be, one thing growing up Scypion will get you is a pair of cast-iron hands. With three consecutive knockouts to begin his professional career, as well as an amazing 28 knockouts in his 34-fight amateur career (32-2, 28 KOs), Scypion is quickly becoming a fan favorite in his adopted State of Louisiana. "I have the intention to box. I don't go in there to knock everybody out. I can just beat them up instead. If they want to go four rounds, we'll go four rounds, but if I catch them, then they'll go to sleep. My mind frame is to train extra rounds, just in case I have to go the distance. I'll be ready."

Although born to a fighting family (in addition to his father, he has an uncle who beat Sugar Ray Leonard in the Olympic Trials), Scypion is blessed with several other talents. He plays the scrub board and sings a form of Cajun music called Zydeco and was also an all-star basketball player in highschool.

"In 2004, when I was going to turn pro, my wife had my son and I figured at that time boxing wasn't doing enough for me, so I chose to work and take care of my family," he says of his relatively late start in pro boxing. "About a year and a half later, she told me to get back in. She said 'ok, go train and see how you feel. See if you can get the love back, the desire.' She encouraged me to do it. She has my back, so that's my inspiration. That's why I do it. I'm going to get to the championship for my family."

A stroke of good luck came when Scypion decided to reach out to Louisiana-based promoter Kerry Daigle of Keeppunching Entertainment. "I emailed him and he thought it was my dad at first. He's my promoter now. It's great. He works miracles for me. He watches over me carefully and he's letting me progress slowly. He and Mrs. Daigle welcomed me with open arms. I have no complaints. He's been like another father figure to me."

Scypion also gives credit to Wilford Sr., who has missed just one of his fights dating back to the amateurs. "My dad taught me how to fight as a pro. I started going to the gym with him when I was four and I have always had a pro style, even as an amateur. That's how I got two decisions taken away from me in the amateurs, because of my style."

When your father will forever be remembered for participating in some of the most memorable wars in a golden age of televised boxing, it can be a daunting task trying to measure up. But Wilford Scypion Jr. says he's got what it takes to carve his own place in boxing lore. "My goal is to win world titles. Not just one. I want to be undisputed super welterweight and middleweight champion. I don't want to just win one belt -- I want them all!"

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