Interview with undefeated “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis

By Socrates Palmer Jr.


Interview with undefeated “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis

“Pure destruction utterly just pure out and out destruction we unleashed a menace,” is how Cestus Management’s advisor Mike Michaels described “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis’s when he knocked out fellow junior welterweight Jessie Feliciano. In a one sided affair Mighty Mike used crisp combinations and strong body attack to dismantle Feliciano in less than one round. With a victory like this against a more than credible opponent one has to wonder how long does Arnaoutis wear the label of prospect and take on the name of contender.

“I can’t describe the feeling I have right now its an unbelievable sensation, it a truly special moment for myself,” said Mighty Mike Arnaoutis.

Arnaoutis says that after the first knockdown he delivered to Feliciano that it was just a matter of time.

“The first one came and I knew I was going to take him out early,” said Arnaoutis.

“From the tapes that I watched I knew it was just a matter of my speed being to much for him. I did not expect a 1st round KO but when I hit him solid the first time I could sense he was hurt,” said Arnaoutis.

“I’m extremely pleased and happy to say the least this was a win against  a reputable opponent known for his durability and it was one of his best performances if not his best,” stated Mike.

In discussing Arnaoutis' bout just prior to the Feliciano KO, a draw against Juan Urango, Michaels thinks a rematch would go Arnaoutis' way.  “With a win and performance like this I don’t feel that Urango would last 10 rounds with Mighty Mike. No way he would not go 6-8 rounds and it would really depend on how long Mighty Mike wants it to last,” said Michaels.

The never-lacking-in-confidence Michaels feels that its only a matter of time before the rest of the boxing world realizes what he has known from day one that Mighty Mike is the future of the junior welterweight division. I questioned Michaels about whether he feels he is overrating the 22 year old with his constant praise of his fighter?

“I don’t feel that I am in danger of overrating him. I’m not saying that he is ready for a world title just yet, however his contemporaries are just not in his league. The other prospects are just not as complete a fighter as Mighty Mike is,” said Michaels.

“Guys like Malignaggi, Urango those guys have hit their ceiling already I don’t think those guys are going to get any better,” said Michaels.

“Malignaggi, where is he going to improve... is he going to blow anyone out?” stated Michaels.

“Urango wants to be Mike Tyson, that’s all he is a puncher,” said Michaels.

Michaels feels that Arnaoutis is being groomed according to schedule and is learning everyday thanks to a great team that includes him as chief advisor. Also in addition to Cestus Management’s work is the sweat that goes on in the gym and he gives much praise to his trainer Bill Johnson.
“My destiny will be greatness and I intend on being a legend in this sport,” concluded Arnaoutis.

What is next for the undefeated super prospect “Mighty” Mike and his 11-0 record? Maybe a date in December, however nothing is concrete as of yet. Michaels hinted that a good step up fight would be against former sparring mate Mike “No Joke” Stewart. After a conversation with Mr. Michaels you feel as if he were describing the legendary horse Secretariat. No other person involved in boxing have I heard depict the nuances and total collaboration in the making of a great prospect as Michaels illustrates. He certainly feels that Mighty Mike was born to fight and is destined for greatness. The man who is building frenzy in Greece would like to conquer the world, as did his fellow countryman before him Alexander once did.


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