Interview with UFC middleweight sensation Mike “Quick” Swick

By Percy Crawford


Interview with UFC middleweight sensation Mike “Quick” Swick

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PC: First I want to thank you for doing this interview with me. How is everything going Mike?

MS: I am doing good.

PC: Congratulations on your win over David Loiseau. How would you grade your performance in that fight?

MS: Thanks. I would give myself a D.

PC: What was your gameplan? To avoid the big elbows Loiseau likes to drop?

MS: To stay out of those positions. It worked out ok. I didn’t get cut.

PC: You were the underdog in that fight. Are you more comfortable as the underdog or do you feel disrespected in that role?

MS: I like being the underdog.

PC: Your last two wins were over top UFC veterans (Joe Riggs and David Loiseau). When would you like to get into the octagon again?

MS: I want to right away but my hand is injured. I would say probably Jan-Feb.

PC: Anderson Silva just defeated Rich Franklin. Were you surprised at how easy he made it look?

MS: Yes. He is very dangerous though.

PC: You’ve put it out there that you want Silva next. What would you say to the people who think Silva is too big a step up?

MS: I’d say to tell me which other UFC middleweight deserves it more.

PC: Pride Fighting recently had their US debut. Do you ever think we’ll get a Pride vs. UFC show?

MS: Maybe. Who knows?

PC: You were a part of The Ultimate Fighter season one. With your success as a fighter in the UFC, do you think you shook the reality show star moniker?

MS: I don’t even think about it much. No one really says I don’t belong anymore.

PC: How was it working with Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell on the show?

MS: Great! Both really good fighters.

PC: You held your own at light heavyweight on the show. You’re obviously a middleweight though. Could we see you fight at light heavy again in the future?

MS: I am actually a natural welterweight. I walk around at 185lbs. It is just pointless to drop when we have Fitch and Koscheck already in the division. I train with both guys.

PC: I hope to do many more interviews with you. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

MS: Thanks to all the fans for your support! I would also like to thank my sponsor Xyience and all the others listed on my webpage at I am also on Myspace now. (

PC: Thanks for your time.

MS: Thank you.


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