Interview: Zab Judah

By G. Leon


Interview: Zab Judah

GL:  Tell us about it, what's the latest and greatest? "I've been been good.  On september 7th, I'm back at it again.  I've been keeping up with boxing.  I saw Paul Williams do his thing, congratulations to him.  He beat up Margarito, and I'm happy.  With Margarito, they were trying to proclaim that he's been the best fighter out there for a long time.  I've been tring to tell everybody that they're garbage.  I respect Paul Williams for doing what he did.  I'm back on my mojo, and I'm ready to do what I do again."

GL:  Your opponent on Septamber 7th is Isreal Cardonas.  Do you know anything about him as a fighter?  What can we expect to see from you on September 7th?

ZJ:  I think Cardona is kind of a weak opponent.  I'm not trying to go to jail for '07 and '08, for murder or anything like that.  If I fight him, it's going to be a homocide. They'd better be ready to lock me up for life.

GL:  So who are you fighting then?

ZJ:  Hopefully we're working toward the IBO championship of the world.  I'm going to come back, and do what I do.  I figure sometime next year, Cotto and I can get it on again.

GL:  You and Cotto are going to get it on again, and you mentioned Margarito being garbage.  Although he lost to Paul Williams, it was a close fight.  It was action packed, much like your fight with Cotto.  Do you think that a Margarito-Juadah fight is something that the fans want to see?

ZJ:  I don't think that the Margarito fight is anywhere near Judah-Cotto.  That fight is going down in the books as one of the best fights of the year.  No one is touching that right now.  Anything I do is action packed.

GL:  Does Margarito-Judah appeal to the boxing world? 

ZJ:  I don't think so.  It doesn't say anything.  I think Paul Williams and myself sounds better.  He did what he did.  

GL:  So, you definitely think Williams won the fight clearly?

ZJ:  Definitely, yes.  I have a lot of respect for Williams, but this is a sport.  We have to do what we do.  We are warriors at the end of the day.

GL:  How would you get inside his reach?

ZJ:  I don't want to elaborate on Williams, I'm giving him his props.  I don't want to bash him right now.

GL:  I understand.  I just got off the phone with Joshua Clottey, he just finished telling me that none of the top name at 147 pounds want to fight him.  He's trying to make fights, and they're trying to run away.

ZJ:  Joshua Clottey has a history with Zab Judah.  We had an incident at the gym.  He ran out the gym to get away from me. 

GL:  He ran out the gym from you?

ZJ:  He don't want to talk about that, I just thought I'd let it out the bag.  I let it out the bag, but I'm going to leave it at that.  I'm not going to destroy him all the way, I'll just do it a little.  I'll let it out light, you know what I'm saying.  So, watch what you say to me. 

GL:  After September 7th, who do you want to fight?  What's the gameplan?

ZJ:  Cotto is one, definitely.  I feel that without the two low blows, the fight could have been different.  It would have been a different outcome. 

GL:  If Cotto and Mosley fight, who would you like?

ZJ:  I like Shane in that fight, I think Shane is a more experienced fighter.  I think Cotto is a good fighter, but I think he's still green.  Without the low blows it would have been a different outcome.  Not to take anything away from him, he got a win.  I feel like sometimes, as they say, even a loss is a win.  This loss was a big win for me, because people saw the heart that Zab Judah has.

GL:  Obviously, Zab Judah's supremely confident that it's only going to be a short amount of time before he's back in a big fight, the likes of Cotto.

ZJ:  You already know.  Everybody knows Zab Judahs heart is dominant. 

GL:  Is there anything else you'd like to say , Super Judah, closing thoughts for the fans?

ZJ:  Thank you to the fans, I love you.  Everybody that stayed with me, it was you that gave me strength.  Those that hate me, I love you too.  You give me energy.

GL:  What did you think about Cintron's performance?

ZJ:  I didn't like him in that fight.  That same night, my brother Joel Judah? won a 3rd round TKO.  After he fought we caught the other one???  Big shout to Gotti. I hope that he's okay, and everything is fine with him.  I love him, and BoxingTalk is the greatest.