Interview: Verno Phillips

Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Interview: Verno Phillips

“I’m willing to take on any Jr. Middleweight that steps up to the plate!”

RC: What’s going on Verno? When can we expect you back in action?
VP: As soon as possible, as soon as they put a contract in front of me, I can make it happen with anybody, it doesn’t matter to me.

RC: What do you mean by give you the contract?
VP: I mean right now I am just laying in the cut waiting for the phone to ring. I’m ready to shoot my guns. As soon as my promoter gives me a call I am ready to go.

RC: Have you spoken to Art to about when you will bet getting back in the ring?
VP: I didn’t speak, but I spoke to people at the office, and they said he was out of the country. So I’m just waiting for him to return, and hopefully we can get something done for the April 29th card with Freitas and Raheem. I would love to fight on that card.

RC: Any ideas as to who you might face…
VP: (Cutting in) Anybody! I will fight Teddy Reid or J.C. Candelo if it makes it easy for them to put the fight together. It doesn’t matter I will fight anybody. Right now I will fight anyone in the top five, if I have to climb back up the ladder to get there, I am willing to do that.

RC: Well you know when you are climbing back up the ladder in boxing it might sometimes mean you have to take short money, the last time we spoke you didn’t want to accept $5,000 for fighting J.C. Candelo and Teddy Reid ended up taking the fight for that money. Will you reconsider…
VP: (Cutting in) Well I don’t want to say that, but I am willing to work out something. I am not saying I will fight for $5,000, but if they put me in a fight where I have to make short money and if I win it sets me up for a bigger payday then maybe we can work something out. If Art Pelullo can put it together I would love to face J.C. on that April 29th card, so I can finally shut him.

RC: What are your thoughts on the Candelo-Reid match up that ended in a draw?
VP: I must admit J.C. looked alright, but I am not Teddy Reid. J.C. knows my style, he knows I am a beast; he is going to have to bring more than that if he steps in the ring, but he looked good in that fight.

RC: Do you think it should have been a draw?
VP: I think J.C. came out on top, but if his last fight against Teddy Reid ended in a draw, what do you think is going to happen when me and him get at it? I mean it looked like Teddy Reid didn’t really want it, and it still ended up a draw.

Also a while back Tarvis Simms was online calling out some of the big names and I wanted to let him know that we can get it on too. He has been on vacation and all of a sudden he thinks he can just comeback and fight a top name, he need to fight me to see who really deserves a shot at one of the top names in the division. Let all of those Jr. Middleweights out there now that I am still a beast, and they better not sleep on me.


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