Interview: The Boxing Banker, Calvin Brock

By Brad Cooney


Interview: The Boxing Banker, Calvin Brock

2000 Olympian to tune up vs. JC Viloria

Calvin Brock (22-0-18 ko's) is a heavyweight prospect who brings intelligence, class, and some pretty darn good boxing skill into the square circle.  Brock will step into the ring again this Friday in Sarasota Florida against a  Columbian named Juan Carlos Viloria (23-20-2, 13kos). This will be a tape delayed Fox Sports Network televised event.

Calvin Brock, a 2000 US Olympian, believes that he is the guy to take the heavyweight division by the horns and run to the top with it. Calvin Brock brings an impressive amateur boxing resume.... 2000 American Olympic trials winner, 2000 Olympic Box-Off winner, 1999 US National Champion and 1998 National Gold Gloves Champion. Boxingtalk recently had the opportunity to talk with this promising heavyweight.

BC: Calvin thanks for taking a few minutes of your time to talk to

CB: No problem buddy.

BC: Calvin, what is the latest with you?

CB: I have a fight coming up this Friday in Sarasota Flordia, I am going to be the co main opener. The fight should be televised on the Fox Sports Network. I am fighting a guy named Juan Carlos Viloria.

BC: Calvin, what do you know about your opponent?

CB: Brad, I don't know anything about this guy. All I know is that he is from Colombia.

BC: Calvin, do you care? (laughing)

CB: I always care, in the pro's you have to care about who your opponent is (laughing)

BC: (laughing) good thinking....

BC: Calvin your last televised fight was on NBC, I heard you were very sick during that fight.

CB: I was fighting Terry Smith, I was doing great in that fight but my stomach was all messed up. I had to get through that fight with a stomach flu.

BC: Many still talk about how wide open the heavyweight division is still. Do you see Calvin Brock being able to take the division on, and do you believe you can get to the top?

CB: Oh yeah, I will definitely do it. I bring in a ton of amateur experience, I am versatile with my style, I can box, fight, adjust to anyone who steps into the ring with me. After next weekend, I will be 23 and 0. After this fight, I will be on the Aturo Gatti undercard, and I will also be on ESPN in April.

BC: Calvin, you are 22-0, do you feel a big fight is coming up for you, and if so who would you want a crack at?

CB: Hey, whenever they come, I am ready.. I want a crack at Wladimir Klitschko, I hear he wants to fight in December, I am here today saying I will take this guy on.

BC: Calvin, what can your fans expect out of you over the next coming year?

CB: Man, you know what?... You asked me that last time we talked Brad, and by now I would have figured I would have been on HBO and everything by now. But you know, it's hard to get TV time in this sport. It's hard to call it.. by I hope by next year I will crack the top ten in the world, and a title shot will be within reach. I am going to be on the undercard with Arturo Gatti if nothing comes up before January.. So time will tell

BC: Calvin, you have an interest in tap dancing?

CB: Yes, I tap dance all of the time. Tap dancing is great training, it's good cardio work as well.

BC: Calvin talk about how you got your ring name "The Boxing Banker".

CB: Well in 2000 I was working at a corporate bank called Bank Of America.. They did an advertisement with me on USA Today, they called me the Boxing Banker, so I liked it, and I kept it.

BC: Calvin talk about your Olypmic experience.

CB: I made the 2000 Olympic team, I lost to a guy from Italy in the second round by the name of Paulo Vito.

BC: Anything else you would like to say to the boxing fans before we wrap this up Calvin?

CB: Yeah, I want to tell the boxing fans that Calvin Brock is going to be a Heavyweight Champion  real soon........ real soon!

BC: Calvin, thanks for talking to me.

CB: Brad, thank you man.......


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