Interview: Smoke Gainer

By G. Leon


Interview: Smoke Gainer

GL:  How do you grade your performance? "You know, I give myself a C.  Carlos Navarro, he came forward, he tried hard.  He was good, he threw a lot of punches, which a lot of them did land.  I basically fought him off the ropes.  I fought him in the middle parts towards the center of the ring.  I felt rusty while I was in there.  I prepared myself for ten rounds, and I felt okay in there, but I did feel rusty."

GL:  How do you feel at 135 pounds?

SG:  I felt okay, but that's not the weight that I want to stay at.  I felt big, I felt strong, none of the shots hurt me, but I think I do better at 135 pounds.  I must become a gym rat.  Me training six to eight weeks to prepare for a fight is not cutting it.  I must become a gym rat, I need to stay in the gym, and not allow my body to blow up to 172 pounds, and then have to sweat that weight down during a six to seven week period.

GL:  When might we expect you back in the ring?

SG:  I'm hoping soon.  I'm working on trying to get right back in the ring.  The more active I am, the sharper I will be, and I'll be a better fighter for it.  My reflexes are there, everything is there, there isn't a part of me that wants to, or needs to retire.  I think I'm going to campaign at 135 pounds.  If I can get a fight with Casamayor, I would still love to fight him at 135.  Besides that, I would like to go back to 130 pounds.  I could get ready at 130 pounds, and perhaps do a box-off.  Medina and Casamayor couldn't satisfy, neither one could become the #1 contender.  I'm hoping I can make a fight with one of those guys for the #1 spot. 

GL:  Who's promoting you right now?

SG:  I'm not being promoted by anyone right now.  I'm thankful that Roy allowed me to be on his card, giving support.  I'm thankful for that, but I'm not signed to an exclusive contract with Roy and Murraud right now. 

GL:  When you have an update, we'll put it up on BoxingTalk.  In the meantime, give us some closing thoughts for the fans. 

SG:  I thank my fans for supporting me, it was a very close fight.  I'm thankful that I was able to get the victory.  I feel good, I'm going to campaign at 130 pounds, but I'd still fight Casamayor if he's still looking for an opponent..  Thank you to my fans for the support, and thanks to BoxingTalk. 


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