Interview: Sechew "The Iron Horse" Powell

By G. Leon


Interview: Sechew "The Iron Horse" Powell

GL: How does it feel to headline your first nationally televised card on Shobpx tonight? "I feel great that Showtime brought me back for a third time. I feel like the entire boxing community is finally recognizing my talent and starting to see me for the young upcoming star that I am. I'm feeling very confident about this fight. I've got an undefeated guy in front of me and he doesn't know how to lose but we're going to teach him. I'm going to do my thing and look spectacular. This is going to be my best performance to date."

GL: Can you tell us what you know about Corneilus Bundrage?

Sechew Powell: "I don't know much about him. I know he's undefeated but like I said, I know we're going to teach him how to lose. I'm going to get in there and do what I do best."

GL: I haven't seen this printed anywhere and I'm sure not too many people are aware of it, but if you defeat Bundrage tonight, you will have earned a $25,000 bonus per your promotional contract. Has that helped motivate you any?

SP: "Well you know every time I step through the ropes I'm motivated, that money there hasn't really helped motivate me more, but it certainly has put a bounty on Bundrage's head. I don't put any pressure on myself, to me the incentive is to win and the goal is to get to a world title. I want the championships and this is just another step on my ladder to a world title. I'm just going to go in there and do what I do best. The pressure is always on, but like I said, this is going to be the best performance of my career."

GL: In your first Shobox appearance, you had the worst peformance of your career against Grady Brewer. You rebounded well and dominated your next opponent...

SP: (cutting in) "And I definitely plan to pick up where I left off. People are going to see that I'm a much more well rounded ten round fighter than they thought. I'm going to display all of the skills that I have in my arsenal."

GL: Your father recently told me that you're truly living the sport of boxing now. What have you been differently that has your father Novric supremely confident?

SP: "I have just been taking the game a lot more seriously. We've put more time and money aside to make sure that my training conditions received a step up and I've just been training harder than ever before. I'm working with top rated athlete's and great, talented fighters."

GL: Is tonight's fight your chance to put yourself on the map as the best young junior middleweight in the world?

SP: "Absolutely, tonight is going to be the deciding factor on will people view me as a prospect or a contender. And I know after tomorrow night, everybody is going to know that The Iron Horse is a serious contender."

GL: Will this fight go the distance?

SP: "You know anything can happen in a ten round fight. I'm going to be looking to hurt him and I'm going to be looking to get him out of there as soon as possible. If it's one round, four rounds, or ten rounds, I'm going to dominate the fight. I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to get him out of there, but I'm going to do what I do. I'm going to use the sweet science the way it's supposed to be used. I'm a boxer's boxer and that's what you're going to see tonight!"




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