Interview: Robert Guerrero

By Brad Cooney


Interview: Robert Guerrero

Former NABF Featherweight Champion, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero has no intentions on dwelling about his previous effort against Gamaliel Diaz (20-5-2D-9KO). Guerrero lost his title against a tough Gamaliel Diaz, and he wants it back! Guerrero talks to Boxingtalk about what he intends to do in order to regain Champion status, and he also touches on his plans for 2006.

BT - Robert, talk about your last effort against Gamaliel Diaz. You came up short and lost your title against this guy, what are your thoughts ?

RG - You know, he came to fight but he had a weird style. He was wild, and jumped all over the place and ended up edging out the fight by one point. I thought I won the fight, but the judges thought different so I will just move on from here.

BT - Do you feel that you lost due to a bad style match-up, or do you feel that you were just having a bad night, or do you feel you lost because he was just a good fighter?

RG - It had to do with just being flat that night. I was not on my game at all that night, I had an off night. In boxing if you have a bad night, it's bad. I hope I can get a rematch against this guy and I will prove to the world that I am a better fighter.

BT - What do you think you learned most from this defeat ?

RG - I learned that on any given night you can lose. You have to be ready for every single fighter that you get in there with. You have to be ready at all times, both Physically,and mentally.

BT - Robert so it's safe to say that you definitely want a rematch with this guy?

RG - Oh yea, yea definitely I want a rematch.

BT - Have there been any negotiations with the Diaz people, and your people about a possible rematch?

RG - Not that I know of, not yet. I hope we can get something going in the beginning of the year and be ready for it.

BT - Robert, do you feel this loss was a blessing in disguise?

RG - Yes, I really do. Everything happens for a reason, and I really do believe this was a blessing in disguise especially me being such a young fighter. A loss like this actually teaches me a lot, that first lost .. you know? To lose is a hard pill to swallow, especially being so close to fighting for a World Title. These are things that a great fighter bounces back from, I am going to show the world that I am a better fighter than I was that night. A loss like that inspires me, and makes me a better fighter.

BT - Robert, are you looking for a possible tune up fight before going after the NABF title again?

RG - If I can't get the fight to bounce right back in there with Diaz, a tune up is always a good way to keep sharp.

BT - Robert, what do you want to do for the year 2006?

RG - 2006 is the year where I want to fight for a world title, I want to get back to where I was at, and further.

BT - Robert you have built up a nice fan-base, talk to your fans.

RG -  I want to say that I never want to be in a position like this again, I am going to bounce right back and be stronger than ever before. This has been a learning experience for both me, and my team. My team is working hard and I am working hard, we are staying focused. It was a fluke that night, I am a better fighter than I showed that night.

BT - When you looked at the film of your last fight, did you kick yourself when you saw how your performance looked?

RG - Yea, I seen a lot of things that I did in the ring that I shouldn't have done, and I seen some things that I was doing that I should have done more of. You can't have off
        days in pro boxing, it's not good.

BT - Ok wrap it up Robert.

RG - I want to tell my fans I am coming back strong, and I don't want to disappoint my fans like that ever again. I am coming back strong, and I will be ready next time!



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