Interview: Robert Allen

By James Alden


Interview: Robert Allen caught up with former middleweight title challenger Robert "Armed and Dangerous" Allen. Allen is still waiting for a date and foe, but he's looking forward to making a big splash at super middleweight. Read on to see what he had to say.

JA: What’s the latest Robert?

RA: Nothing much man, just trying to get a date.

JA: Any names that been thrown around for a possible opponent to you?

RA: I would love to fight Joe Calzaghe next. I would like to see what he is made off when we fight. I want to shoot for Joe.

JA: I heard that Calzaghe is moving up to 175 but do you think that you would be ready for him…

RA: One tune up and I will be ready for Calzaghe quick.

JA: Do you feel that you are in great condition where you can fight him right away…

RA: Yeah I been away from the game a while and I let my body rest. My body feels really good right now, I have my speed and strength back.

JA: How has training been?

RA: Training has been going really good. I feel strong, the weight is down, I got my explosiveness back. Everything is going great and I would like to call everyone out.

JA: I was talking with Byron [Olgleby] and he was telling me that you guys would be really interested in fighting Peter Manfredo Jr…

RA: Yeah I would love to fight all of them. All I would need is one tune-up fight because I been doing this for a long time.

JA: So when can we expect that tune up to take place?

RA: Within the month. Between 3 weeks and a month we should be able to slip in their. I need to get some of this rust off.

JA: So you are definitely going to be fighting before the Luis Collazo-Ricky Hatton fight?

RA: We are going to try to. We are working on it. I don’t care if we fight in the corn fields, I just want to fight.

JA: Are you anxious to fight?

RA: Yeah I want to try out some of the things that I been working on in the gym in a fight.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

RA: Just give me a little bit more time and I will be back!


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