Interview: Miguel Espino

By Brad Cooney


Interview: Miguel Espino had a chance to talk to one of the real good guys in boxing, NBC's Contender Miguel Espino. Miguel brings us up to speed on his upcoming fight slated for May 4th, on the Latin Warriors card promoted by The Contender. Miguel will square off against the tough Gabriel Holguin(19-4-6KO), at the Aladdin Resort & Casino. Miguel (11-2-1) also talks about why he believes he's right on the cusp of becoming a big name fighter in the very near future. Boxingtalk welcomes NBC's Contender, Miguel Espino!

BT - Miguel thanks for joning

ME - I appreciate it, glad to be here.

BT - Miguel you have a big fight coming up on NBC's Contender card billed The Latin Warriors on May 4th. This guy you're fighting, Gabriel Holguin is no easy opponent, he won his last three fights. What are your thoughts on this next fight?

ME - Well I don't know too much about him other than he comes to fight. Unfortunately he is going to be in there with a tough guy in me, and he's going to have a long night against me.

BT - Miguel, your only two losses come via Peter Manfredo Jr, and Daniel Edouard both tough guys. With the success of Sergio Mora, and Peter Manfredo Jr, where do you see yourself at this point compared to those two guys, and do you think you're getting close to where they are at?

ME - I believe I am getting closer, I have two straight wins, and if the cards fell right I would have had 4 straight wins. I think I am right on their heels, and ready to pass them. Hopefully, I am getting close to that point.

BT - Talk about fighting for The Contender, are you happy with your contract, and are you happy fighting for them?

ME - I am very happy with The Contender, they have been great with me. Thanks to them I have medical insurance, dental insurance, these are things that I never had before. All of The Contender people behind the scene that you never hear about have all been great to me.

BT - Miguel, recently your trainer John Bray lost his brother, talk about that for a minute, and how has John Bray most impacted your career?

ME - It's unfortunate that his brother did pass, he was the youngest off all of them. John doesn't really show his emotions a lot, I keep asking him if he's ok and he says 'yes', and I ask him again, and he says 'yes', but it's hard to feel him out. I am going to dedicate my next fight to John's brother. John has been working hard with me, and we have been incorporating more things into my arsenal. I have been working long hard days in the gym, and John teaches me the things that he learned in his career, and not to make the same mistakes that he made, he's been great for me.

BT - Next Tuesday you will be showing them how it's done at the big Contender Media day, I am guessing it's time to shine huh Miguel?

ME - Yes, it's a time to shine more in the fight but yea, it's a time to shake hands, and meet and greet people

BT - It's important to get that relationship with the fans, and the media.

ME - Yes, that's who buys the tickets and a lot of fighters forget that. You have to be out there in the public eye, the more people that know about me, and my story, and Sergio's story, and Alphonso's story, the more people will like us.

BT - Miguel the fight card is in ESPN, but your fight doesn't look like it will be aired unless Sergio or Alphonso can get the job done early.

ME - Yea I told Sergio and Alphonso they better knock them guys out, I'm trying to get some exposure (laughs). I think Sergio's fight will go the distance, Shark Attack has been around awhile,and he can punch.

BT - How long do you think you are away from 10 rounders? and ultimately 12 round fights?

ME - I have been ready, I fought Edouard 10 rounds my first time. I did really well, I thought I edged him out. The 10th round was the deciding round, and two of the three judges gave him the fight. The 10th round was the best round of the fight. I think I'm ready for 10 rounds, when I fought Dorian Beaupierre I got better as the rounds went on.

BT - Dorian came out early, but you took control of the fight.

ME - I gave him the first round and a half, but then I started banging his body, and took over.

BT - Miguel, is there anybody out there you would like a shot at?

ME - I am ready to fight anybody a 10 round fight. It's time to step up, no more protecting me. It's time, it's like John Bray says ' why hold back' ? Let's do this.

BT- So your next fight you would like for it to be a top 20 guy, is that fair to say?

ME - Yea dude, definitely. I would like that to happen, anytime. It's time to shine, it's time to stop dragging my career out, I am ready to step up.

BT - Miguel in closing, talk to your boxing fans out there.

ME - I would like to thank all of my fans out there that have been supporting me. I am going to go out there May 4th, and I hope to see my fans there too. I am going to do my best, and do the best I can with what God gave me to do. I want to give a shout out to John Bray, and pass on my condolences to him and his family with the passing of his younger brother.

BT - Thanks Miguel.


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