Interview: Matt Remillard

By James Alden


Interview: Matt Remillard

JA: Congratulations on your big win last Friday night Matt. What can you tell us about the fight? MR: Thank you. It was the first time that I went six rounds in a professional fight. It was definitely a tough fight. We talked before about if you put his experience against mine, his record was 3-3 and 1 draw against my 7-0, you can see that he fought a lot of the higher opposition that I fought. He was a technical fighter, I knocked him down in the first and again in the second but he kept on getting up. He came to win, he didn’t come for a payday and after I knocked him down a couple of times it seemed that he got a little desperate and started throwing some bombs.

JA: When you knocked him down in the first round did you think that you had him?

MR: I hit him with a solid right hand in the first and I was a little surprised that he got up and was coming back for more. After the second time that I knocked him down I think that he started to respect me more and he started to box me more, I think that he realized that I could punch and too not take me so lightly. With his style and with me coming in with an undefeated record, he never lost against and undefeated fighter. I think that he gets more up for the fight when he fights an undefeated fighter and that is what I think he is more determined to make a statement, that is what he tried to do but I was calm, boxed him nicely and got the six round unanimous decision.

JA: This is a two part question.  If you could give yourself a grade from 1-10 what would you give yourself and did you do everything that you wanted to do in the fight?

MR: I would give myself an 8 out of 10. For everything that I wanted to do in the fight, I am my own worst critic but everything that I worked on in the gym this past year came into play in the fight. If it went two more rounds I believe he would have been out of there. To go six rounds for me and not breathing heavy is an accomplishment for myself. There are things that I could have done better, most notably probably not letting him tie me up. Like I was telling you in the previous interview that I had it in my head that I had to go six rounds, I allowed him to tie me up and if I didn’t allow him to tie me up I think that I could have gotten him out of there.

JA: Are you back in the gym or are you taking some time off?

MR: No I am right back in the gym; I am going to be fighting on the May 10th card with Godfrey Vs. George as the main event. I would love to fight at least once a month if that is possible.

JA: So are you feeling more confident now Matt?

MR: I feel great and I think that its like you said its about the confidence and the mentality of finally being able to go six rounds. I have been working hard in the gym and too see where I have come in the professional ranks has been great I think. Just from my mentality being able to go six rounds you are going to see me doing a lot more rounds going up against a lot better opposition. I am a distance fighter

JA: It doesn’t seem like that Matt [laughs].

MR: [laughing] I am definitely a distance fighter and I shock myself some times when I hit these guys and they don’t get back up or the get dazed. With the smaller gloves and no headgear I think that I shock some people because when they look at me they don’t think that I have that pop or that power, I guess there wrong when they get hit.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing Matt?

MR: I just want to thank my whole team and thank them for everything that they do for me. I want to thank my team Paul Cichon, John Scully, Jackie Kallan, CES entertainment, my father Mike Remillard, and a great supporter of the team Carmine Napolpnao. I would like to thank for conducting this interview with me.

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