Interview: Marshall Kauffman

By Matthew Goldstein


Interview: Marshall Kauffman

Trainer, manager and promoter Marshall Kauffman gives Boxingtalk and exclusive to discuss the recent Kermit Cintron bout in which he captured the IBF welterweight title.   Kauffman discusses securing the Suarez fight with the IBF in late 2005 and what he thinks of Kermit's performance.  Marshall also discusses heavyweight prospect and son, Travis Kauffman, 7-0 (5 KO's), and how Travis has handled himself as a sparring partner for the top heavyweights in the world.     




Goldstein: What are you thoughts on Kermit Cintron winning the IBF title against Mark Suarez?  Wasn't Mark Suarez someone you always wanted to match Kermit up against? 


Kauffman: I knew that Kermit would one day be Champ if he put his heart and soul into Boxing. I thought Kermit did what needed to be done, he won.   Yes I was trying to negotiate with Bobby Bostick last November for Kermit to fight Saurez for the #1 spot on the Judah – Baldomir undercard.   I told Don Stewart that the fight would not go more then 5 rds.



Goldstein:  Do you see a difference in Kermit's fighting style from now, to let's say about a year ago?   


Kauffman:  Well a year ago he just got done knocking out Francisco Para, so I was still working on him learning to roll with his shoulders and lay in the cut.  I would say that he is getting hit a lot more.   Against Teddy Reid he only got hit 17% of the time when Teddy averaged over 100 punches a round.


Goldstein:  How does it feel when you see Kermit take shots at you publicly? 


Kauffman:  It Hurts!  Kermit was like a son to me that I truly cared about him.


Goldstein:  Do you feel that Kermit Cintron has the talent to become the undisputed welterweight champion of the world?  For example, we know Kermit can beat contenders like Teddy Reid, David Estrada and Mark Suarez, but how does he fair against the Floyd Mayweathers, Shane Mosleys, Zab Judah's, Baldomir's and Margarito's of the world? 


Kauffman:  I know that Kermit is probably 1 of the most talented athletes in that division as well as the hardest puncher, but Kermit still has some maturing to do before he could hold that crown as the undisputed Champion. He has matured a lot since the lost to Margarito I think he learned from the lost, as I seen evidence of that in the Para fight. Kermit has sparred with some of the world's finest fighters from Gatti, Hopkins, Six Heads, Yusef Mack, Kassim Ouma, Tarvis Simms, Arron Mitchell, and the list goes on.


Goldstein:  What are Travis' best attributes as a fighter?  


Kauffman:  Travis' best attributes are his mental toughness and ability to adjust.   I think he's definitely shown that he can make style adjustments in the ring.   For example, when he sparred against Rahman, I had him sparring like a European with his left hand out and back on his heels and when he sparred Maskaev, Travis weaved his head from side to side and came forward like Sinal Sam.      



Goldstein:  Travis has had some great sparring over the years, and in the last year.   He has been in camp with Calvin Brock, Hasim Rahman and Oleg Maskaev.  How has this impacted your sons boxing ability?  How has he handled himself against the championship caliber sparring partners? 


Kauffman:  Travis has handled himself as though he belongs there. Travis is a tough kid to begin with, so he will go into the ring with anybody. I am not saying that he is ready for anybody.  Being with Rock was the best experience for him and Rock had the most impact on him in terms of being focused in training.  He has great deal of respect for all of those guys because of what they have accomplished.


Goldstein:  Who are some of the fighters out there that you would love to see your son sparring?  What fighters do you believe could help your son the most?  


Kauffman:  There are a lot of fighters in the top 10 that he already has sparred, so it really does not matter. Sparring with all of those guys always help. Every fighter brings something different to the table.


Goldstein:  Although it is just sparring, does this help give you an idea about the talent and the ability that Travis possesses when watching him spar the best in the business?


Kauffman:  Most definitely, I have never doubted his ability. He has shown what he can do in sparring with some of the top heavyweights as well as what he did in the Amateurs. He is just very young yet.



 Goldstein:  What have you seen Travis improve on in his first 9 months as a pro and where do you see him at this time next year?  


Kauffman:  I have seen him improve with his dedication to boxing.   Travis is a very talented fighter that has a lot of ability. We just have to wait and see what he does with that ability.



Goldstein:  How is Jason Cintron progressing as a pro boxer? 


Kauffman:  Jason has come a long way. He is still learning as he did not have much amateur experience.


Goldstein:  What do you think is his potential and what do you think are his best attributes as a fighter?  


Kauffman:  Jason is a lot like his brother in terms of being a competitor. He can fight inside very well and is strong for his weight. 140lbs.


Goldstein:  Considering Jason is a very articulate and charismatic kid, do you think his marketing potential can help boost his career?


Kauffman:  Yes


Goldstein:  What is next for Jason?  


Kauffman:  Jason just came off of a hand injury, but expect to see him fight at least 8 times next year.


Marshall also trains undefeated middleweight Travis Simms, 20-0 (11 KO's), welterweight Keenan Collins, 12-1 (8 KO's), lightheavyweight Jeremy Stauffer, 6-1 (6 KO's) and also was assistant trainer for former supermiddleweight champion Steve Little.