Interview: Joey Spina

By James Alden


Interview: Joey Spina

JA: Congratulations on your fight with Jesse Brinkley being made. "Thank you very much. I am very excited about the opportunity to fight Jesse Brinkley; this is going to be the biggest fight of my career. With Jessie coming here and fighting in my hometown is a great thing, Jesse is a house hold name and I am looking forward to fighting him."

JA: The fight was in question that it wasn’t going to be made. I am going to ask Jimmy Burchfield about this and maybe he can give me more of an answer but in your opinion what was the turning point in the negotiations?

JS: Jesse’s price for the fight. His contract with the contender pays him really well, they negotiated the money part of the deal and both sides are happy.

JA: A lot of people in R.I and in the boxing business are not taking you seriously. Do you feel that this is a must win fight to show the people in the boxing world that Joey Spina is for real?

JS: Oh yeah most definitely. I had a bad fight my last fight and you are only as good as your last fight. This is a big step up for me with the marketability of Jesse Brinkley. I see him everyday in the gym and I don’t see him doing much with me. I am big physically, I am just to big for him, he is coming up to 168 and I feel that he isn’t big enough to be in the ring with me. He aint going to be missing me in the ring, we are both going to be in the middle of the ring throwing bombs.

JA:  I don’t know if you read the Peter Manfredo Sr. interview and if you did do you have any comment on that?

JS: Yeah I am not ducking or dodging nobody. I am the one that called Peter out, there the ones saying its not worth fighting me. How doesn’t the fight between us make sense? We are both from Providence; we are from the same neighborhood. If he thinks that his son is so much better than me and is a world class fighter, after I knock out Jesse Brinkley give me Peter Jr. Peter Jr. is a great kid and is an awesome boxer, I give him a lot of respect but its all business but the fight that I have coming up means a lot to me.

JA: Was you surprised with what Peter Sr. had to say?

JS: That’s just his father talking. To Peter Sr. no one is better than his son, he thinks that his son is the best in the world, granted that’s how parents should feel but to talk down to another R.I fighter when I didn’t say anything bad about him or his son. Give me his son after I beat Brinkley, we can sell out the Civic center. I want to go through all the contenders. They got a great shot because they were on TV and they received great contracts, I will fight all of them.

JA: Do you expect to knockout Jesse Brinkley?

JS: I plan on dropping some bombs and if the knockout comes it comes. We have are game plan already in place and if he plans on not coming in shape he is going to get knocked out. If he thinks that he is going to get lucky when he beat up Anthony Bonsante for 5 rounds and get lucky with a punch, that aint happening. In the second fight he got a gift decision against him, I don’t even think that Bonsante is in my category.

JA: Do you think that you are the best 168 pound fighter in R.I?

JS: Oh most definitely. I am learning and I never had a silver spoon in my mouth, I never had the amateur fights when I was 5 years old like other fighters. I had a little amateur background and then I went straight into the pros.

JA: Are you looking at the fight as “If I win this fight I take 2 steps forward but if I lose I am taking 5 steps back”?

JS: Oh most definitely. If I lose it makes me look I am not really a contender. If I lose it will be a step back but if I win it will be a great step forward. The purse for the fight and the whole situation I am taking a step back to just to fight him in my hometown. I feel that this is going to be a big opportunity. I am going to show everyone around here when I am mentally focused there isn’t a fighter around here that can hang with me.

JA: So when are you leaving for Vegas to train?

JS: I am already training. I been in camp for four weeks but had to come home and handle some business.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

JS: I just want to say that I am very excited about this fight. To all the 168 pound fighters in the world watch this fight because it is going to be nothing more than great. The Italian Warrior, I am the Italian Warrior. The pride of Providence, I am the pride all around R.I. This fight between me and Jesse Brinkley is going to be in the middle of the ring and I am going to show the world that I can outbox him, out bang him and just straight up out class him in and out of the ring.


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