Interview: Joel Casamayor

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Interview: Joel Casamayor

Whether you are a fan or not of Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor no fighter with three losses on their resume can make a more legitimate claim to being undefeated than Casamayor can. His only losses to date have been to former or current world champions. He lost a disputed unanimous decision to Acelino Frietas back in January 2001. In 2004 he fought for the same WBO title vacated by Frietas in his second bout with Diego “Chico” Corrales and lost a split decision. Then later in December of 2004 Casamayor attempted to wrest the WBC version of the lightweight crown from Jose Luis Castillo to only drop a very disputable split decision. On Saturday he squares off against his nemesis in an eagerly anticipated WBC lightweight championship bout. was able to speak to Joel one on one via telephone.

“I feel good and I’m ready to go. This is the third time I see him and I know he’s (Corrales) the same fighter I will see nothing new from him. I’m the one who will adjust and I will”, said Casamayor.

The 35 year old former Cuban defector and former world champion says that he is in tip top shape and is ready to vanquish long time rival. When you speak to “El Cepillo” you realize that all of the bitter words that have been exchanged between the two parties are completely legit. Plain and simple Casamayor does not like Corrales. He has no respect for him as a person and is not shy to let anyone know this.

“He talks a lot of shit, but he can’t out talk me and he can’t out fight me. He’s a faggot and a coward. I can’t wait to put his on him on Saturday night”, said Casamayor.

Casamayor states that his distain towards Corrales does not originate from their previous two in ring encounters. Casamayor feels that Corrales actions after their second fight in 2004 were very cheap and unprofessional.

“He made me wait long time for a rematch. I gave him a rematch right away after I beat him. It’s funny to me because my wife told me back in 2004 not to give him a rematch that she thought he was a bitch. Why did I have to wait two years for my return bout with him? That pissed me off more than anything else, that he acted like a total bitch and a coward”, said Casamayor.

“This long wait though has only made me hungrier than ever and has made me a better more focused person; we will see who is the mero-mero and the king of the lightweights. He’s a phony on the phone he’s tough when we do these teleconference calls and when we do press conferences he tries to act tough cause he rolls with these punks. But he’s a fag and everyone knows that he’s a fag, he even talks like a little girl on the phone,” said Casamayor.

Casamayor vehemently states that anything he says about Corrales is genuine. Dislike is an understatement. Casamayor also knows that those feelings are more than likely mutual. Casamayor would not want to have it any other way. Despite the dislike he still recognizes Corrales’ in ring accomplishments.

“To tell you the truth I fought better fighters than him. I think that the fights between him and Jose Luis Castillo took something out of him. However I am preparing for the best of him,” said Casamayor.

Casamayor, who will be bringing a record of 33-3-1, thinks that Corrales is somewhat of a bully.

 He can punch, hut he cant take it. I have been dropped yeah, but never out. I feel all the pressure is on him. I know they took this fight because they think I am old, and that’s fine, but I am like wine and I am only getting better”, said Casamayor.

Recently Casamayor revamped his whole training team. Casamayor has a new conditioning coach, fellow Cuban Francisco Gonzalez has been brought in by Team Freedom promotions. Also at the helm is the definitive voice in Casamayor’s corner is head trainer Roger Bloodworth.

“Roger and I worked together at the beginning of my career and we have always remained cordial. He was my trainer as a pro when I was with Main Events. My first fight out of Cuba was with him. He is a good trainer and we have good chemistry. Its better now because his Spanish is better now also and I am more mature as a fighter as well,” said Casamayor.

“When we are training Roger is no B.S. he is all business and I thrive in that. The people who know me know that I am a cut up and I keep myself loose all the time, but when we are working out its no nonsense. I have confidence in Roger and I trust him, because he is proven and he comes to win, just like me”, said Casamayor.

Bloodworth has worked with 20 former world champions throughout his respected career. Bloodworth is working with Casamayor for the third straight time. According to Casamayor, one of the targeted areas throughout this camp has been to get Casamayor to start a little quicker than he has in the past. Ironically Casamayor and Corrales are both notorious slow starters. Casamayor also states that aside from being more aggressive you will see more combinations and little less respect for Corrales. Casamayor who still insist he won their second fight says that his only regret from that night was that he began pressing the action later than he should have.

“You will see a different Casamayor. I’m going to be on him early, more punches and more combos in and out. I will be more aggressive but not reckless, precise punching that is my plan”, said Casamayor.

The backdrop for Casamayor’s camp has been the scorching heat of Arizona. The typical triple digits which make up Arizona climate is described by Casamayor as being “hot as hell.”  Training in this sweltering environment Casamayor has helped improve his endurance. A significant height and reach disadvantage is also something that Casamayor will be facing when he meet Corrales. Casamayor who stands at 5’7 will be up against a 5’11 opponent. So the bulk of Casamayor’s sparring has been against bigger sparring mates. Casamayor credits 5’10 and world ranked lightweight Jose Armando Santa Cruz, for playing a big part in preparing him for his world title challenge on Saturday night.

“I’m not the same fighter that fought him back in 2004; I’m not the same man. I did not have the same passion. I know that my back is up against the wall right now. I know what its like to have money, I know how it feels to be a world champion and I will get my title back. I ‘m fighting to support my kids and family and right now, I’m more mature now and I am a focused fighter who is taking his career more seriously now”, said Casamayor.

Casamayor is as boisterous and confident as any fighter in the world. Self esteem and confidence are attributes that Casamayor uses as allies. However one thing in particular that has “El Cepillo” at an all time tranquility is the fact that he was able to speak to his mother, Miguelina Casamayor. “El Cepillo” said that he had not spoken to his 51 year old mother in nearly three years.

“My mind is right man. I spoke to my mom and my mind is at peace. She gave me her blessing and it really has put happiness in my heart that I have not felt in a long time”, said Casamayor.

“To all my fans hello and get ready for another world title. Tune in on Saturday watch me do away with this faggot”, said Casamayor.

“Like I said he’s a coward and a faggot, he’s afraid of me and respects me, I’m his papi inside that ring”, said Casamayor.