Interview: Ivaylo Gotzev

By G. Leon


Interview: Ivaylo Gotzev

Peter manager speaks on Toney rematch, Liakhovich and more!

GL: What's the latest with Samuel Peter? "Well, Samuel Peter will be going to camp to train for his rematch which James Toney. The WBC made it official and said the reason being was there was too much controversy around the fight and we're looking forward to clearing up any issues. Both Samuel and I spoke with Jose Sulaiman and he says he wishes us luck and we told him how thankful we are and we actually think the rematch might be the best thing out there right now. All I can say to Dan Goossen and James Toney is be careful what you wish for. Now that it's happening where going to make sure there's no need for a decision the next time because it's not going to go the distance. We're looking to totally destroy James Toney on the next go round."

GL: Are you not disappointed that Samuel will have to face Toney again before getting a shot a title, which seemed to be the whole reason to fight Toney to begin with?

Ivaylo Gotzev: "Rather than get upset of show disappointment, because it was the kid's dream to fight for the WBC title and those dreams have been temporarily shattered. But Samuel is going to put on a terrific performance so rather than talk about how disappointed we are, we're going to talk about showing up better, faster and stronger next time against James Toney. Instead of us going and file an appeal like Dan Goossen would, we're going to take it like a man and bring the fight to the ring, not outside the ring where political issues decide what happens. Why waste them so everyone can talk their case at the convention when we can enter negotiations now? If we can't come to terms we'll go to a purse-bid and I don't think Dan Goossen is going to be reasonable with what he asks for so I think we might be headed to a purse-bid anyway. It is what it is, that's all I can say."

GL: Have assurances been made that the winner of this fight will be the immediately due challenger to the WBC heavyweight champion?

IG: "That is something that we plan on addressing contractually and we want it to be clear that if the fight ends in draw or something that Samuel will be considered the mandatory otherwise we could go back to 15 rounds just so we can have a clear cut winner. I know that Samuel will settle the score regardless and the facts are James Toney is going out this time. They were lucky the first time to get only 50% of Samuel. Now they're going to get the real deal and now you're going to see James Toney start to remember some of those shots he took and I expect his bravado to die down. I don't think anyone with James Toney is not giving him proper advice. He's going against the baddest man on the planet when it comes to punching so whoever is making the decisions for James Toney should have been careful for what they wish for."

GL: When can we expect the fight to happen?

IG: "Pronto. As soon as possible. We have already let HBO and Showtime know that we can be ready to make it happen before the end of the year and we want to get James Toney out of the way once and for all as quickly as we can. Showtime will get the first shot since they helped us out and we're looking forward to being on Showtime again on November 4 with Sergei Liakhovich. Showtime has been a loyal supporter of my heavyweights."

GL: Do you feel Samuel will make the necessary adjustments to make sure the fight doesn't see the scorecards?

IG: "They said they had the inexperienced fighter for the first fight, but Samuel is experienced now and he knows what he didn't do that he should've done. They have no hope right now, their dreams will come crashing down when they realize that they were only facing 50% of Samuel on September 2. He's going to be in shape and mentally focused for the rematch. I know James will do some talking, but the facts are the facts and the fact is Samuel is going to get rid of Toney once and for all in the rematch."

GL: Tell us about the White Wolf on November 4.

IG: "The White Wolf is basically sharpening up his teeth right now. He's very excited about his upcoming bout. We couldn't have a better opponent, Shannon Briggs, the man Wladimir Klitschko ran from. He's a dangerous fighter but I expect Sergei to put a lot of naysayers to rest. It's obvious Klitschko looked for an easier fight after he ran from Briggs so we're excited about proving a point. I know about fights and I know that my two guys couldn't be matched better at this point. Briggs is an athletic specimen, he's strong, he punches hard and he knows that this is his last chance to win a world title so he's going to come 100%. Sergei has been taking all the steps necessary to get ready and he will be at his best on November 4. The Briggs camp is already in Phoenix, Arizona and they're sparing no expense. Scott Hirsh is a young man who is doing right by his fighters the same way I'm doing right by mine and we're looking forward to a great show on Showtime on November 4."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

IG: "Keep looking for America's Most Wanted. We've been charged with a first degree assault on the heavyweight division and I'm going to be the one driving the getaway car bringing my heavyweights to the next big payday, so stay tuned and we'll keep making it exciting. Stay tuned Boxingtalk fans, you're the greatest."


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