Interview: Gary Brandenburg

By James Alden


Interview: Gary Brandenburg

JA: What’s the latest with Tyrone Harris’s next fight? "First off I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday James. For Tyrone Harris next fight I would like to see him in a match with Jason Litzau and let me tell you why. Tyrone and Jason have both very similar opponents that they have fought; Tyrone has fought and recently beat Armando Cordoba via 2nd round knockout. Jason fought Armando and it only took him three rounds before he knocked him out. They also fought Jesus Perez, it took Jason 5 rounds to take him out and it took Tyrone 7 rounds before he beat Jesus. This fight would be a great match up with these two pugilists desire, determination and technique, I think that this fight would be a crowd pleasing fight.

JA: Do you think that this fight will happen?

GB: I am in great hopes that the promoters will get together and make this fight a reality. I am sure that Jason would fight anyone on this planet because he seems like that type of kid and I know that Tyrone [Harris] would fight a bulldog if I asked him too. It would be up to the powers to be to make this fight and I do believe that this would be a great for television along with this fight being a crowd pleasing. Jason calls himself “America’s boy”, well there is no boy in Tyrone Harris, theire is all man. I think that the fight would be a great match up and I would love to see it.

JA: When can we see some movement for this fight to possibly get made?

GB: Well I know that Patrick has talked with the Duva’s at one point in time about a Litzau fight and they never came to terms about the fight. You know it’s a promoters job to protect a fighter and I think that its time for them to stop protecting Jason and let him fight somebody that can give him a good fight and I believe that would be Tyrone “Fist of Fury”.

JA: I am sure that the networks wouldn’t have a problem backing this fight.

GB: I wouldn’t think so. I know that when Tyrone fought on Showbox they said that was the most exciting fight of the evening until it lasted and I think that they would love to see him back. I would like Tyrone to come back on Showtime against a very tough fighter, there is going to be no easy fights for Tyrone here on out. I feel that this is Tyrone’s time to shine, he is working hard in the gym and he has the most positive attitude of any young fighter that I have met. You know that there are a couple of young fighters that would be a nice notch on Tyrone’s belt. One of them would be Eric “Mighty Mouse” Aiken, I offered his team the fight 2 years ago and they turned it down and at the time Eric had a record of 6-0, Tyrone was only 2-0. Since then Eric has turned out to be a very good fighter and I would love to see Tyrone and Eric get in the ring and find out who the biggest “Mouse” is [laughing].

JA: I recently watched Gary Stark Jr. fight on TV, is that another fighter that Team Tyrone has its eyes on about possibly making a match up with?

GB: We would love to get a fight with Gary Stark Jr. I think that is a very well matched fight for Tyrone and again I think that Gary is a well rounded fighter. I really like Gary’s attitude and his disposition as a fighter; he is a true warrior in the ring. I really think that the fight between Gary and Tyrone would be a great match up and with myself being Tyrone’s manager I am not going to say that Tyrone is going to come out on the losing end of the stick, but of course there team is going to say the same thing. I think that its time for some of these better fighters start to fight the best opposition out there and lets see who the real up and coming prospect these days. People have billed Jason Litzau so high and if they say that he is good as he says he is, well let’s get it on. Where not saying that Tyrone is the best fighter in the world, all I am saying is that Tyrone is a damned good fighter and I want him to fight the best fighters out there to prove to the world that he is the best prospect coming up. We would love for him to fight other fighters near or at Tyrone’s level. I say we put all these fighters in the classroom and see who graduates first. I know that Jason is a slugger and there are a couple of things that I noticed about him that we could be able to capitalize on, but I am sure there going to say the same thing about Tyrone. I believe at the end of the night that the hand that will be raised will be Tyrone Harris. I would like to say about Patrick Ortiz that he is the most polite, humblest promoters in the world today and I love working with him.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing Gary?

GB: Yes I would like to say Happy Birthday to you again. I hope that you get 22 fine years of writing in this sport and I expect when Tyrone is a world champion you will be sitting next to me at ring side and you will have the exclusive right after the fight because you have earned that with me James.


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