Interview: Chris Smith

By Ray O. Campbell Jr


Interview: Chris Smith

The Mechanic eyes rematch with Sharmba Mitchell

NABA welterweight champion Chris “The Mechanic” Smith 20-2-1(13) recently contacted, to give us his take on what former WBA Jr. Welterweight champion Sharmba “Little Big Man” Mitchell 56-5(30) had to say in recent one on one interview with our very own Greg Leon, in regards to a possible rematch of their June 11th 2005 somewhat inconclusive showdown. A bout, in which Mitchell won by technical decision due to an accidental head butt.

RC: What’s going on Chris?
CS: I’m chilling everything is cool. I noticed Sharmba Mitchell put out on last week on December 8th, he said he would like to get back into the ring with me sometime in March. I really hope we can do it before March, you know maybe February or maybe January, I mean you got all of the top Welterweights fighting in January, so I would like to be ready to set myself to fight one of those guys in the coming months rather than wait all the way until March. I mean it doesn’t matter, but as long as I get the opportunity to get back in there, I got to applaud the man and thank him for the opportunity, I am definitely going to make the most of it.

RC: Well he mentioned March, and it’s clear you prefer sooner, if he only wants to do it in March, will you try to take a fight in the interim or will you just wait until then and not risk the potential match up between the two of you?
CS: I am not worried about risking anything, I will definitely take a fight in between, if my managers get me a fight in between I will definitely take that. I am not worried about any welterweight, and I am definitely looking to fight anyone that they put in front of me. So I will definitely take a fight in between.

RC: What are your thoughts on the Mayweather-Mitchell fight a few weeks ago?
CS: I thought he put up a good fight. He handled himself well, and I don’t think that Richard Steele should have stopped the fight.

RC: You didn’t agree with that stoppage?
CS: Nah, I mean he wasn’t exactly winning the fight but he got up.

RC: Has there been any formal discussion with your promoter on actually making the fight happen?
CS: He spoke to his manager about it; I spoke to my manager about it. My manager said he is definitely looking forward to making that fight. There is no contract or anything like that right now, but my manager said he is going to be speaking to his manager about making it happen. So there is absolutely no reason why that fight shouldn’t be made because he is a wiling participant and I am a willing participant, so it is all about us just signing the paper work and getting it going

RC: What type of television do you think will be involved?
CS: HBO or Showtime.

RC: Do you think one of the above mentioned will want to take that fight considering Mitchell both you and Mitchell has lost two out of your last three?
CS: I think they will, I say HBO or Showtime because I think the networks saw what was happening in the last fight against him. It was becoming very, very entertaining at the time of the stoppage and just because of the drama involved in it, I think that one of the big networks should pick it up, because it is a worthy fight, it is an interesting fight. I consider myself a credible fighter, I came back I won my title back that I lost to him. Even though he lost his last fight he put up a good showing against the pound for pound best fighter in the world. I think he is a good fighter and I think the two of us getting together again make for an exciting fight


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