Interview: Bruce Blair

By James Alden


Interview: Bruce Blair

JA: I know that you been working with Jason Estrada for his fight coming up this weekend Bruce. Tell us what it’s been like working with Jason? He has been down here in New Jersey with me busting his butt. He is doing a lot of hard cardio work, a lot of physical work. He is big and strong, we have been busting our butt. He works hard for three hours in the morning then goes and takes a nap. He then comes back again at night to work out again. He is in good shape for the fight.

JA: Some people in the New England area may say that Jason is a lazy person…
BB: [Cutting In] I worked with a lot of guys over the years and people need motivation. No one is going go out there and push them as hard as they would. Being a former boxer I understood that, I could only push myself to a certain degree, you have to have that person driving you. I think that he has that, he has had that all along, hopefully I can give him more motivation. When he was here with me for this recent time, he did nothing but bust his butt, that is pretty much what people expect when they come here is bust their butt. Jason has done that and in his head he is focused. He knows what he wants and sees the benefits of working hard and everything that he has shown me he has the tools to become great. A lot of people came here and told me that Bruce Seldon didn’t work hard, but Bruce worked extremely hard. That is the type of camp that I run, a hard working camp where everyone is going to get the best out of themselves.

JA: What is the first thing that you see out of Jason when you see him spar/fight?
BB: He has tremendous skills. He can hit guys and they can't hit him, I talk to a lot of people in the boxing game and they agree that he has a lot of skills. Over the course of his career so far he is taking on tough fights and is taking his career serious. Do I think that he can become champion of the world someday? Absolutely. Being champion is not going to be tomorrow or the next day, over a period of time.

JA: Travis Walker is 21-0. Do you think that Jason is ready for a big step up like Travis?
BB: Absolutely. Jason has the skills to beat anyone. He is 240 pounds and is working hard. All he has to do is work hard up until November 17th. I don’t care what up and coming guy they put in front of him, they're not going to beat this kid. I am that high on his skills.

JA: Are you working with him on getting more power on his punches and how are you doing that?
BB: What I am working on with him for power is his strength and conditioning. Chin ups, sit ups, 300 reps a day. I take him over to the punching bag and have him throw short snapping punches where he can feel the punch all the way down to the ball of his foot. The more time that I spend with him, I know that he will be hitting harder and harder.

JA: Will you be there at the fight in Hartford on the 23rd?
BB: Of course I will be there in attendance cheering Jason on.

JA: Hasim Rahman-Oleg Maskaev fight, what did you think of the fight?
BB: I am good friends with Hasim and I was pulling for him. I had him winning the fight until the knockout happened. I thought that the stoppage was a good one. I have no doubts in my mind that Hasim will be back in contention for the heavyweight championship of the world. It will be tough though, but nothing is easy so I know he will be extremely motivated to get back up to the top of the division. 


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