Interview: Brian Minto

By Brad Cooney


Interview: Brian Minto

Brian Minto was kind enough to take some time out of his training camp and speak with Boxingtalk this evening. Minto (22-1-13KO), will face Troy Weida (44-20-2) on December 30th at The Mountaineer Racetrack in Chester WV. Brian Minto dismantled Vincent Maddalone back on Oct 1st, 2005 and recently knocked out Forrest Neal in 2 rounds.

BT - Brian last time I saw you, you were beating the crap out of one of my fellow New Yorkers.

BM - Vinnie? (laughs)

BT - Yea (laughing).

BT - Talk about that fight Brian, Maddalone was a mess after that one.

BM - Well as you can see I have improved a lot. Vinnie wanted to push me around in the ring, and I wouldn't let him. I out-boxed the guy clearly...

BT - What do you  have to do to notch another victory against this next guy Brian?

BM - Just do what I do, I need to fight on the inside. this guy doesn't bring anything special to the table, I went to see him fight Maddalone, sort of like a pre-fight thing for my fight with him. He has had a lot of fights, like 60 of them and knocked out like 31 of them so he can punch and I have to be careful.

BT - Talk about your team a little bit, you train with someone who in my opinion is the most under-rated trainer in the business in Tom Yankello.

BM - I give Tom all the credit, he is a great teacher and knows the game well. Tom will become one of the great trainers, we are young and up and coming. It takes time, but I think in time Tom will be one of the greats.

BT - What are your goals for 2006 Brian?

BM - I want to step up and fight for a ranking, and maybe an HBO fight.

BT - Brian, I have to get back to the Vinnie Maddalone fight... did you talk to him after the beating you put on him?

BM - Yea, we talked after the fight. Vinnie is a nice person, he asked me for another chance, but really I was concerned with his health. The guy took a lot of punches, and I showed everybody that I came back, and dominated.  I got one blemish on my record against Tony Tubbs, but I think I won that fight. Some people out there were talking crap about Vinnie Maddalone not being worth nothing, these guys at eastsideboxing they all want to talk, and none of them put on gloves or got into a ring in their whole life's. These guys want to criticize, and talk crap, it's crazy.

BT - Brian, what got you into boxing? how long have you been doing this?

BM - I started boxing when I 12 but I always fell out and went back to football. When I got done with college I got back in shape, and went back to the boxing gym. I only had 18 amateur fights, and then I turned pro. I am learning light years more now with Tom Yankello then I did as an amateur.

BT - Brian, how long do you plan on fighting?

BM - I don't think I am going to stay in this for too long. I will go with it for now and give it my best effort, and see where I end up. I have a good job, and my wife has a good job so I'm not going to be like some of these guys that keep coming back.

BT - Is there anyone that you would like to get your first shot at for a nice payday?

BM - I would like to fight Joe Mesi, that's one guy I would love to fight. Joe has some defensive flaws, and I think I can exploit them and beat the guy.

BT - Brian, that may not be a bad fight... Brian Minto vs Joe Mesi in his comeback attempt.

BM - Joe is a nice guy, and I would love to fight that guy. I think I can beat a guy like Joe Mesi, he gets hit a lot and I think he's someone I can beat.

BT - Thanks for talking to Brian.

BM - No problem ..and tell Joe Mesi I would love to fight him, tell them guys to make that fight happen.


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