Interview: Antonio Margarito

By Raj Sharma


Interview: Antonio Margarito

Boxingtalk caught up with WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito to get his thoughts on his July 14, 2007 title defense on HBO against mandatory challenger Paul Williams. Margarito, nicknamed “The Tijuana Tornado”, attended at a local fight card Friday night in Montebello, California. A gracious Margarito signed autographs and took pictures with numerous fans after working the corner of prospect Brian Ramirez for his preliminary bout with Freudis Rojas. We  caught up with the champ afterwards. Read on to see what Margarito has to say about the fight with Williams and who may be next.

BT: July 14, you’ll be facing mandatory challenger Paul Williams. What are your thoughts on the fight?

AM: It’s just another undefeated fighter. That’ll be my eighth title defense. We’re training hard so we’ll be able to come out with our hands up.

BT: Paul Williams’ camp has been doing a lot of talking in the build up to the fight. Does that give you extra motivation?

AM: It’s not my style to talk about other boxers. In the ring, we’ll do our talking.

BT: Williams claims he cut you and hurt you to the body when you sparred. (Note: Williams and Margarito sparred in 2004 in Los Angeles)

AM: Bullshit. It’s nothing but lies. He never did anything. He’s trying to make a name [for himself].

BT: Miguel Cotto and Zab Judah fought a couple of weeks ago. What were your thoughts?

AM: It was an excellent fight. I feel Judah dominated the first five rounds. Then he got a little tired then Cotto dominated the fight.

BT: Not to look too far ahead, but if you’re victorious against Paul Williams can we expect to see you face Cotto later this year?

AM: That’s right. We have so much confidence in our training. Once we finish with this guy, our next opponent will be Miguel Cotto.

BT: Anything else you’d like to say?

AM: I’m going to dedicate this fight to my fans. We’re gonna stop Paul Williams for saying lies.

Thanks to Margarito’s co-manager Francisco Espinoza and also to Fernando Ramirez for translating.


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