Interview: Adrian Mora

By James Alden


Interview: Adrian Mora

JA: I know there were talks of you fighting Augustus before, what was the clincher in this fight for you? "Before they gave me about an eight day notice, it was a real short notice for me to fight him and I wanted proper time to prepare for Emmanuel Augustus because he is a gate keeper and he is an upset artist. He has hung with the best and has upset a lot of top prospects, so I need to train really hard in this fight. Emmanuel has set compu box numbers for punches thrown in a round, he has fought on ESPN and you can’t take this fight without being in tip top and believe me James I am going to be in tip top shape. I can’t say that I am going to bring in something that this guy hasn’t seen before because Emmanuel has over 65 fights and he has seen all the tools in the draw. I am going to be ready though on May 6th."

JA: Have you seen a lot Emmanuel Augustus?

AM: I have seen Emmanuel fight a lot of times on ESPN, I seen him actually win a fight and didn’t get the decision. I saw him fight Gordon Burton and he won the fight but they gave it to Gordon. Like I said this guy is very busy in the ring and he is a true crafty veteran.

JA: Have you already begun training camp for this fight Adrian?

AM: Yeah I received proper notice time to train and I am going to get proper sparring partners in here. Emmanuel Augustus is more like a machine more to say, he doesn’t stop punching and I am going to train a 110%.

JA: Are you training for this fight to be nothing but 10 hard rounds of non stop fighting action?

AM: Yeah I think so. I need to be in tip top shape so I can sit in their and trade punches with this guy if I have to. I looked at many tapes on him and I can’t say that I am going to do this or if I have some special tricks up my sleeve, I don’t think that I can show him something that he hasn’t already seen before. He has fought the best from Mayweather up to Mayweather down. The guy has fought the best and all I can say is I am going to give 100%  and I will be in tip top shape.

JA: What do you think that you have to do to beat Emmanuel Augustus?

AM: Honestly I don’t have a game plan right now, I couldn’t tell you that Jim because I don’t know. My game plan right now is to concentrate on getting in tip top shape. I am just going to punch with the guy and be with this guy all night long and I am going to have to be in shape if I have to do that. My main focuses right now is not running out of gas and not tire down as the fight goes on, that is the main thing that I am focusing on right now.

JA:  Do you have any added pressure that you have to avenge your brothers loss and that the people may have a bad impression of you because of your brothers performance in his last fight?

AM: No I don’t think so. Maybe if I was trying to land the fight against my brothers previous opponent than maybe there would be some added pressure. There is no pressure when I fight Emmanuel Augustus because the guy is a stone cold pro and he is coming to work. On May 17th I am just going to punch in, bring my hard hat, and go to work with Emmanuel Augustus.

JA: A lot of promoters will be out there watching you on May 17th. I know that you don’t have a promoter so do you think that it will be any added pressure trying to show yourself off to a promoter?

AM: No I don’t think so because every fight that I go into the goal is too hopefully at the end of the fight I could land a promoter. I have fought on TV so there is no added pressure in that department. The goal for me is to open up a lot more eyes and come out with the victory on May 17th.

JA: What can we expect to see from you on May 17th Adrian?

AM:  All I am promising Jimmy is that your going to see myself in tip top shape for this fight.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say any in closing?

AM: All I would like to say is I hope that everyone tunes in and watches the fight on May 17th and see a great exciting fight.


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