Indonesian promoter dies after liposuction


Indonesian promoter dies after liposuction

Press release: World Boxing Foundation (WBF) Philippine supervisor Alex P. Vidal mourned the “untimely” death of  Indonesia’s top promoter Herry "Aseng" Sugiarton who died last December 4th in a Jakarta, Indonesian hospital. Vidal said he and Aseng, dubbed as “The Don King of Asia”, have started negotiations late this year to promote WBF cards in Surabaya, the late promoter’s hometown, in April 2005. “He was a good man. He was highly regarded in boxing community because of his integrity and his no none-sense promotions,” sobbed Vidal.

It was Vidal who convinced Aseng to promote WBF bouts together with WBF vice president Jack Rennie in September 1996 during a meeting in Manila. Aseng and Vidal regularly sent communications that eventually led to the opening of market for more Filipino boxers in Indonesia. “Aseng already agreed to promote a WBF card under President Mick Croucher in one of our initial communications. His death was a big blow to our negotiations,” lamented Vidal.

Aseng was responsible for the holding of one of the biggest WBF promotions in Surabaya in 1997 where WBF welterweight boss Ajib Albarado manhandled his Thai challenger Luknam Surapol to retain the diadem.

Three other Indonesian beakbusters copped WBF “international” titles on March 22, 1997: Andrian Kaspari who annihilated Filipino Edgar Maghanoy, Dobrak Alter who stopped Filipino Shoji Sadava in 8 rounds and Anis Roga who manhandled Arman Ruego in four rounds.

Martinez Santos, the promoter's good friend said Aseng died at the hospital while under going minor surgery.