IBF keeps Miranda in #1 spot!


IBF keeps Miranda in #1 spot!

Press Release: After a highly controversial decision defeat that rocked the boxing world, Edison Miranda, the IBF decided on September 29 that Miranda will retain his number one spot in the sanctioning body’s rankings, thus keeping him as the mandatory challenger to champion Arthur Abraham, who was awarded a controversial decision over ‘Pantera’ on September 23rd in his hometown of Wetzlar, Germany.

“I’m pleased that the IBF has decided to keep Edison Miranda as the mandatory contender, and their decision makes it clear that they will not tolerate any injustice when it comes to their championship matches,” said Leon Margules, Executive Director of Seminole Warriors Boxing, Miranda’s promoter.  “Edison Miranda won that fight and every objective observer and mainstream boxing journalist who has seen the fight agrees.  We believe Miranda is the uncrowned champion and the result of September 23rd’s fight should be changed to a TKO5 for ‘Pantera.’”

“I thank the IBF for keeping me as the number one contender and I plan on rewarding their good faith by becoming their champion the next time I fight Arthur Abraham, if he is able to fight again,” said Miranda.  “I have a lot of respect for Abraham as a warrior, but I promise that I will knock him out the next time we fight.  I will not let the judges or referee take the fight from me again.”

In the Abraham-Miranda bout, Miranda broke the jaw of the champion in the fourth round and everyone agreed – including Abraham – that the fight should have been stopped in the subsequent round.  That is, everyone except members of the champion’s team, who put Abraham’s career in danger with their callous deeds and actions.  When asked after the fight why he allowed the fight to continue, Dr. Walter Wagner told German television, “We were in danger to lose the fight, so Arthur had to continue.”  This is very strange since Dr. Wagner was clearly seen advising Referee Randy Neumann in the fifth round that Abraham could not continue. 

Said Margules, “Arthur Abraham was asked by referee Randy Neumann in the fifth round if he wanted to continue and he said ‘no’, and rightfully so.  He had suffered a severe injury and it was better for him to come back for another chance at the title than to risk his life and career.  But his team put winning over this young man’s safety, and it disgusts me that professionals in our business behaved in this manner.”

Seminole Warriors Boxing has big plans for their Champion, Edison Miranda and those plans which may or may not include a rematch with Abraham will be announced in the near future.

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