I'll tell it at the WBC

By Frank Quill (c) Fighter-Online.com


I'll tell it at the WBC

THIS Fighter-Online reader is not Robinson Crusoe in being increasingly concerned at the incidence of visiting-boxer mismatches in Australia, where it is common to see meagrely-equipped Fijians, Indonesians, Argentinians et cetera take bad beatings at the hands of the home-grown product.

It is not only dangerous, unacceptably so, but it dupes boxing followers expecting competitive matches.

As well, the victor learns little (if anything) by bashing an ill-equipped opponent. Indeed, the learning curve of the 20-0 (15 KOs) prospect may descend rather than rise if the large sum of his opposition isineptness.

The extent of mismatches here did not fully register until reading Fighter-Online scribe Mike Altamura's analysis of results involving imports in two financial years from July 1, 2002, through June 30, 2004.

The wash-up: Fiji, 0-32 (29 KO losses); Thailand, 0-18 (16 KOs); Argentina, 0-25 (14 KOs); Indonesia 3-36 (23 KOs), with all wins by Daudy Bahari, who at one point was based in Australia, in Perth, training with Craig Christian.

Altamura's is a depressing statistical picture. It raises questions on several levels and poses challenges for State governments' boxing commissions, and the Australian National Boxing Federation.

With Fighter-Online permission, the Altamura figures were relayed to the World Boxing Council.

They will be the basis for action programs at the World Boxing Council convention in Phuket, Thailand, 3-9 October.

WBC executive secretary Mauricio Sulaiman: "Never have I seen such an astonishing record. This is dangerous, and fans will soon knowand stop following boxing."

WBC president Jose Sulaiman: "The mismatch problem is not only in Australia, but in all of Asia and the world. I believe that we should come out with a world resolution for specific recommendations and actions."

# FRANK QUILL is the WBC Ratings Chairman. A Melbourne metropolitamn journalist for 30 years, Frank wields words worthily.