Hopkins to fight for USBA title on Oct. 13!

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Hopkins to fight for USBA title on Oct. 13!

RC: What’s going on Demetrius? "I am just training getting ready to take on the wolves. I have been training real hard and I am just ready to take it up to another level. I am just glad to be with the Golden Boy Family keeping busy."

RC: You’ll be in the co-feature bout on HBO Latino October 13th at the Borgata Hotel Casino and spa in Atlantic City; do you have an opponent solidified as yet?
DH: I don’t have the opponent yet, but I am just waiting for them to get the opponent. I am just taking it one fight at a time preparing myself.

RC: From what I understand the vacant USBA Jr. Welterweight title will be on the line, is that correct?
DH: Yeah that part is a done deal.

RC: Now I know you don’t have any solid information on who you will be fighting, but I’ve heard rumblings about it being against Ernesto Zepeda. Is there any truth to that?
DH: Am I supposed to be fighting him? I mean they haven’t told me anything about that. I never even heard that name come up yet. I mean I don’t care, whoever they want me to fight I will. I really don’t even know who he is. What’s his record? And who has he fought?

RC: 37-8-4(32)
DH: That’s a decent record. I need fights like that, I need fights like that to step up to another level and show the world that I am one of the best 140lbs fighters out there. Fights like that is what give young fighters like me the necessary experience.

RC: Currently you are not ranked in any of the sanctioning bodies top 15, but if you win the USBA title, you should end up somewhere up there in the IBF ratings. Many feel that you are already a top prospect, but where do you feel you’ll fit in the mix?
DH: Well you know time will tell. I am excited and I am waiting. I just want to take one fight at a time. Grab this USBA title belt and show the world that I am ready for these guys. Certain fights I am ready for and certain fights I am not ready for. It’s not just that, I am looking for the big paydays too. The bigger the fight is, the bigger the money is. Because you know I am not going to fight a wolf and not get paid. I Think Bernard (Hopkins) and De La Hoya are doing a good job moving me, getting me out there getting me more fights and just staying busy, because that is a big thing

RC: With the loss that your uncle suffered, although it was controversial, do you feel as if you have to step up and represent for the Hopkins name?
DH: Well as he says after he retires it is left to me, the torch would be left to me. So I gotta keep up the legendary last name, just keep on winning and keep on fighting. It is my goal to become a superstar and be a legend.

RC: At this point in your career do you feel any extra added pressure knowing that people are always going to mention your uncle when they mention you, which means they probably expect a lot more from you?
DH: Not any more now, it I starting to get fun now. There isn’t any pressure Ray, it is starting to get fun. I am getting older now Ray, I am not 18 or 19yrs old. I am going to be 25 years old now; I am becoming a man now so you know it is what it is.

RC: From what I understand you are no longer working with Bouie Fischer after switching to him a couple fights ago, what’s up with that?
DH:  Bouie is a good trainer, he is one of the best, but I just wanted to try different things. I learned a lot from Bouie, I just didn’t feel that comfortable. I am back with my old trainer Derrick (Bosey) Ennis. Bouie is a good person, and a good trainer he just wasn’t for me.

RC: Providing all goes well on the 13th, what type of fights are you looking forward to in the near future?
DH: I would love to fight Miguel Cotto, that is one guy I would like to fight. You have a Puerto Rican and an American, being that he is young, I am young, I think we might be able to draw a little crowd. You have two wolves that is hungry that are willing to bite down and try go walk away with the world title.

RC: Do you feel as if you get your just do as an undefeated prospect in the most talented dept division?
DH: Now I feel like I am. Now that I am with Golden Boy, before I didn’t feel like I was getting any attention. I had the name but it wasn’t buzzing like that. Now it is buzzing, it is going to buzz even more when I get the USBA title and I am considered a top young fighter like Cotto and the other top prospects coming up. I want to prove to the world that I am one of the best 140lb fighters out there and I cant prove to the world that I am one of the best until I fight someone like a Miguel Cotto or another top fighter.

RC: Is there anything else you would like to add in closing?
DH: Come October 13th I will be the new USBA champion. That is the month of Ramadan, Islam is my religion so we fast during that month. I will be feeling good and everything is going to go together like a puzzle. I will be blessed with the USBA belt around my waist and it is a good feeling. It is a dream come true, I have been waiting for this all of my life and I just can’t wait.


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