Hopkins speaks on possible fight with Steve Forbes

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Hopkins speaks on possible fight with Steve Forbes

“It will be good fight for me to put him on my resume”

After Contender brass Jeff Wald mentioned in an interview here on Boxingtalk, that The Contender Season 2 runner up Steve Forbes 32-4(9) would probably face undefeated Jr. Welterweight prospect/contender Demetrius Hopkins 25-0-1(10) on March 17th on HBO, serving as the co-feature to the Highly anticipated showdown between Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Manual Marquez. Boxingtalk.com contacted Hopkins to get his thoughts on the possible match up with the former world champion. “If it happens it will be a good fight. I always told you that I was ready to fight the best of the best.” Stated Hopkins, who currently holds the USBA Jr. Welterweight title, from his home in Philadelphia, PA. Read on, as he gives us his take on the match up, going to camp with Oscar De La Hoya and much more.

RC: Demetrius from what I understand there is a strong possibility you will be facing The Contender’s season two runner up Steve Forbes on the March 17th as the co-feature to Barrera-Marquez. What can you tell us?
DH: I think it is a real good look it that fight happens. I didn’t know the fight was going to happen yet, but they mentioned him a while ago and they have been going back and forth trying to get an opponent for my next fight. Now that you are telling me I am fighting Steve Forbes I think it is a good look. I didn’t know that they actually closed the deal on the fight. They just told me to stay Ready for February or March. Like I said though, if it happens it will be a good fight. I always told you that I am ready to fight the best of the best.

RC: You have always told me that you are willing to step up and take on anyone that will further your career, was someone like Steve Forbes what you were looking for?
DH: Yes. He just came off of the contender, he is a pretty good old veteran and he is a former champion. It will be good fight for me to put him under my resume.  If I beat him I will automatically step up to the next level, which is what exactly what I want

RC: Give us your thoughts on Steve Forbes as a fighter?
DH: He is a slick sneaky fighter, he moves and counters a lot, but I will be aware of everything. The young bull is going to have to take him to school to show him that I got some tricks in my bag to.

RC: He gained lots of exposure on the Contender and is a legitimate former world champion, what do you feel a victory over him will do for you career?
DH: It would be good; it would put me right in the mix, which is where I want to be. Not only that but I will be back in front of HBO. He came off of the contender and I am the USBA champion and I had a good victory on November the 25th. So it’s good. Last time I fought in front of them it was off-TV on November 25th and I had a good victory. Now this time everybody will get to see me on HBO.

RC: The last time we spoke, you told me that you will be working with Oscar De La Hoya in preparation for his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., have you began training with him yet?
DH: It hasn’t taken place yet, the Golden Boy team is going to call me back and let me know when I’m going to get De La Hoya ready for Floyd and also get myself ready for my fight too

RC: How excited are you about preparing with Oscar De La Hoya for the biggest step up so far in your career?
DH: It’s a great look. I will be sparring with De La Hoya learning different stuff. I have been to camp with my uncle Bernard, and it was a good experience, now this too will be a good experience. This camp should bring the best out of me.

RC: Not only will you be making your HBO, but it will be the co-features to a very highly anticipated match up between Barrera-Marquez, that has just gotta be icinign on the cake.
DH: Yeah it is, I feel good about it. When I first fought in front of HBO I had to put on a good show (November 25th UD Rogelio Castaneda Jr), and my trainer Derrick Ennis told me that I have to look good for them to call me back. It is a blessing to have a fight on HBO and that they do want me back.

RC: Forbes came on the record here on Boxingtalk and spoke very highly of you, how does it feel to have the respect from someone of his caliber?
DH: It feels good, but I am still on my P’s and Q’s. I don’t take nobody for granted, and like he said he is coming with his tricks, and I will be coming with my tricks. I think it is a good fight. I want to show people and show the world that I am the best in the 140lb weight class and we will see on March 17th who the best of the best is. I have been watching him for a while, and I am quite sure he has been watching me, so if that is what he chooses, he made his bed and now he has to lay in it. If this is what his promoters and his manager wants to do, so come on and lets get it in.


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