Hopkins contacts Roy Jones Jr in attempt to make rematch!

By G. Leon


Hopkins contacts Roy Jones Jr in attempt to make rematch!

See what Jones had to say about it, ONLY at Boxingtalk!

Former undisputed middleweight champion Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins contacted former pound for pound kingpin, Roy Jones Jr. in an attempt to negotiate a lucrative rematch. What was Hopkins offer to Jones? How does Jones feel about Hopkins offer? And if it's not Hopkins how likely is a Tarver-Jones rubbermatch? The answers are just a click away, ONLY at one place Boxingtalk.com...It's GREAT to be a member

"Check this out, I told you mess around and get me started running and now everybody wants to fight already. Bernard Hopkins called me talking about give me [Hopkins] 60%, I'll  give you 40% and let's fight. In other words, he called me and said he doesn't want to fight me right now because he heard I was training. I guess now I'll just go back to chilling out and being a fat-boy."

Boxingtalk hopes to have much more with the former pound for pound king so stay tuned. If Jones is to return to the ring this year, expect him to return against a "beatable" light heavyweight before he seriously considers a third fight with Antonio Tarver.


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