Hopkins-Calzaghe Flash Quotes


Hopkins-Calzaghe Flash Quotes

PRESS RELEASE: Joe Calzaghe: It’s my 11th year as world champion and I finally have arrived in America. Bernard was champion for nearly 11 years. I’m tremendously confident for this fight.


Bernard has never been stopped and that’s something that I think I can do.


I have no respect for my elders come this Saturday night.


I want to be the first person to knock him out and to put him into retirement.


I’m going to cut 1000 punches down to 500 or 600 punches and make them more powerful and punish him.


If I bring my A-game against anyone in the world I win. All I have to do is bring my best.


Bernard had to go to prison to be hard. To me that’s a sign of weakness. I don’t have to go to prison to be hard. He’s been to prison, big deal. In the end you’re going to see a grown man cry.


When I walk in the ring I’m going to be the home fighter…with the support from my fans.


Nazim Richardson


Saturday night you’re going to see a great performance. Bernard is a legend and he’s going to do what legends do.


With the assistant of Mackie (Shilstone) and Freddie (Roach) I was able to sit back and observe Bernard Hopkins. And there are no kinks in his armor.


With all Bernard’s fights you see his punches land. You have seen guys labeled champions, and after they fight Bernard they have never fought the same way.



Bernard Hopkins


After being handed a cane (a “gift” from Enzo Calzaghe)…

I’m going to find something to do with it. Something Kinky. 


This is going to be my third assassination of a southpaw in the last year and a half.


There is nothing for me to hype. Even my worst critics have to bow down and admit that I’m in great shape. The times have changes where 43 is not what it used to be.


I don’t have days off. I don’t do anything to my temple—my body—that’s why I’m here. It comes from discipline that I got from a dark place 20 years ago.


Being an underdog, that’s not a negative to me. That’s a positive. Everything I have I had to fight for.


I was just handling my business and I’m watching the Calzaghe-Kessler fight. And after he wins, what does he say? “I want to fight Bernard Hopkins.” So I put my teeth in, I rocked back in my rocking chair, took a pop of Geritol, and I call Richard Schaeffer and told him to make it happen.


Joe is not a spring chicken. I’m already a senior citizen. He’s knocking on the door.


I’ll be able to show the world how I’ll be missed when I leave the sport. You’re going to see this athlete and man. It’s going to be an eye opener. And every time I’m not supposed to win I step up.


The competition that American and British fighters face is night and day. They get the residue of U.S. fighters.


I’m up for this fight for a lot of personal reasons. For me it’s a cultural fight.


If he throws 1000 punches he’s opening himself up to get hit 1000 times.




Hopkins vs. Calzaghe “Battle of the Planet,” is presented by Golden Boy Promotions, Frank Warren’s Sports Network and the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink and Affliction Clothing.  The 12-round light heavyweight championship fight between The Ring magazine champions for Hopkins' title, will air live from the Planet Hollywood Ring at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas on HBO’s World Championship Boxing, beginning at 9:45 p.m. ET / 6:45 p.m. PT.