Hopkins Bashes Tarver

By G. Leon


Hopkins Bashes Tarver

"If HBO Wants Somebody To Shut Him Up Once And For All, I'd Do It For A Nice Fee!"

Undisputed middleweight king Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins told Boxingtalk.com, "Look Greg, I wasn't counting one by one, but I know there was way more than 100 people at my fight. He makes no sense, he wasn't there because if he was he'd know that there was about 7,000 people there. Don't disrespect me and lie. I am a person that Tarver would love to be as strong minded and strong willed as. Everybody knows that Bernard Hopkins is strong mentally, physically and spiritually. Right now I'm about to get $15M with the PPV sales for the Oscar De La Hoya fight, which I know will go very well. Where is Tarver's $10M purse at? He could try to paint me as a fool but where's his $10M purse at? Guys who try to paint me as a fool have enough sense to not say what Tarver is talking about. At that time I knew what was at the end of the rainbow, which is what's coming up in less than 90 days. He could talk about yesterday all he wants but look where I'm at today. He could kiss up to Sulaiman and the WBC's asses all he wants. He's saying he wants to help the WBC because they helped him but he has an agenda."

"Tarver just started talking bad about the powers that be in boxing. I've been doing it. So there was a chance that my career could have been delayed by the powers that be, and some of it has been, but the majority of it was my choice. Knowing that the repercussions of that would be not being the media's darling makes me a unique individual because whatever happened happened and I stood up to it. I'm not the type of person who when the heat comes on, I cry about it.

"Bernard Hopkins has taken risks throughout his career based on my principles and what I believe in. So what do you say now? At least let's talk about the fights that are signed. Nobody has heard anything about the fight not coming off, tickets went on sale a couple of days ago and I already got my $500,000 for training expenses. Not an advance like Don King does, I got training expenses and they're nonrefundable.

"Tarver's still talking about my popularity, but let's see where my popularity is after September 18. Tarver could sit and beg to call out heavyweights because that's not going to happen. He's going to be like Winky Wright did, he's going to give the belt up and fight ordinary fighters. He should be announcing his next fight but he isn't. He made the move that George Foreman did when black folks were protesting and he took a stance which he has a right to. I know that particular line hit him to where even he had to bear witness. He probably went crazy a few minutes after reading that.

"He's talking about not being on his radar screen but who is Tarver? Tarver beat Roy Jones, fine. Everybody has to give him credit for that, but he's no world beater man. He could fight but he's no world beater. HBO PPV, after I'm done with Oscar De La Hoya, if you want somebody to shut his mouth up once and for all, I'd do it for a nice fee.

"One thing is for sure Tarver didn't say he was more marketable or he was more of a superstar than Bernard Hopkins. He's talking about old stuff but he didn't say he was bigger than me in terms of status. And he definitely doesn't make more money I do. I don't think I get what I deserve and he's not even getting what I get, so what does that make Tarver?

"I think it's self-explainatory, Tarver's crazy...Tarver goes back into relapse every now and again. Tell Tarver I said I know it's tough to kick that habit!

"Tell Tarver to kick the habit and I'll say it in his face. I'm easy to find...all you gotta do is go to Boxingtalk.com and you'll know where I'm at. He could come to press conference in Los Angeles and I'll say it in his face.

"I want to put a ban on all crackpipes that are sold in the United States, because I believe goes into relapse every now and then. And I think kids need to realize that substance abuse is bad. And Greg, tell him I'm going to say it in his face the next time I see him and he won't do nothing about it!"


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