Hombre TV Selects Alex "The Bronx Bomber" Ramos To Be Director Of Special Committee For Boxing


Hombre TV Selects Alex "The Bronx Bomber" Ramos To Be Director Of Special Committee For Boxing

Press release: Hombre TV, the cable television network for Hispanic men, announced today that Alex Ramos, "The Bronx Bomber," has been appointed Director of its Special Committee for Boxing.  Ramos, a retired professional boxer with more than thirty years in the boxing industry brings the perspective of both the young boxer and the Hispanic fans that closely follow the sport.

Hombre TV's Special Committee for Boxing was established to develop a unique schedule of boxing-related programming for Hombre TV.   In addition to Ramos, the Committee is comprised of well-known professionals including Colonel Bob Sheridan, International Boxing Commentator;  Jimmy Lennon, Jr., International Ring Announcer;  Benny Ricardo, Spanish Speaking Ring Announcer;  Bill Farley, Vice President, Playboy Enterprises;  Ferocious Fernando Vargas, former two times Junior Middleweight Champion and Entrepreneur; and Dan Eye, Amateur Boxing Producer and Promoter.  Director Ramos has also secured the endorsement of the World Boxing Council, (WBC) and is working closely with Jose and Mauricio Sulaiman , who have also joined the Hombre TV Special Committee for Boxing.   Already on the Hombre TV boxing schedule is the Thursday night "Fight of the Week", scheduled to be live from Las Vegas, NV.

These weekly fight cards will also feature ring-side interviews and behind the scene feature stories.  Hombre TV will also be broadcasting the World Wide Boxing Dignity Awards and other noted boxing award shows.

Dennis N. Richard, Hombre TV Chairman & CEO stated: "We are very pleased that Alex Ramos has joined our team and put together such a great group of boxing industry professionals.  Alex's 30 years in boxing and his strong global connections will ensure that Hombre TV becomes the home of the best televised boxing in the world."

Alex Ramos stated, "I am thrilled to be the Director of the Boxing Committee and to be in the position to guide the network toward championship fights both pro and amateur.  With a network that reaches the all important Hispanic male, there is much that Hombre TV can do to promote and change for the better, the sport of boxing. I am committed to opening up Hombre TV boxing to all boxing professionals, and to provide all kinds of opportunities to both amateurs, established boxers and to providing retired boxers with a place that they can once again be seen and heard."

Jose Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Council, (WBC) in Mexico City stated:  "We strongly feel that boxing is of great interest to Latino men, and that its biggest potential in the United States, and we hereby express our commitment to work in any endeavor that is needed to make Hombre TV a great success."


Hombre TV is the cable television network, that will be broadcast entirely in Spanish for Hispanic men between the ages of 18 to 34, and is set to launch in the third quarter of 2005.  Owned by Hombre Media Inc., Hombre TV is the only network featuring a wide-range of culturally relevant entertaining, informative and inspirational programming dedicated to serving the needs of the Spanish-speaking male audience. Programming will feature a unique blend of exclusive boxing events, soccer, original programming, motion pictures, comedy and special event programming and documentaries, as well as award shows.