Holyfield Tix going fast!


Holyfield Tix going fast!

Ticket sales are very brisk for the upcoming Evander Holyfield vs Jeremy Bates fight, scheduled for Friday, August 18 at Dallas' American Airlines Center, according to officials of Real Deal Events and the American Airlines Center.

Lester Bedford, the spokesman for Real Deal Events, said over 3,000 tickets have been sold to the general public and an additional 2,400 are out to suite holders, for a total of over 5,400 tickets distributed.  That is a number far beyond his expectations with over a month to go before the event.

"This is really a very, very good start," confirmed Bedford, who's company -- The Bedford Agency, was hired by Real Deal Events to manage and market the event.  "Considering that we announced the event on the Thursday before the July 4th holiday, didn't put tickets on sale until more than a week later (Saturday after the holiday) and haven't started our advertising campaign, this is way more than we could have expected."

The box office jump out of the gate was even a surprise to Ken Kuhl, assistant General Manager of the American Airlines Center.  "We were hoping for a good start, as we do for all events, but this is more that we really expected," said Kuhl .  "With the reaction we've had up front and ticket sales being very steady, we anticipate a large crowd on August 18th.  No question, there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for the event."

Bedford also reports that sales have climbed over $300,000 and could soar into the $700,000 to $1,000,000 range.   "For a boxing event to kick off this fast with no advertising and around a holiday, it is an indication of an event with a lot of juice." said Bedford, who has marketed over 100 World championship boxing events during 25 years in boxing. 

"Boxing events in local markets like Dallas are not like concerts, where they sell out fast.  Boxing events usually start slow and build at the end. This event jumped big at the beginning with only a press conference to announce it."

Bedford attributes the fast start to Holyfield's name value.  "It's all about seeing Evander Holyfield, one of the all -time great warriors in boxing." said Bedford.  "Despite differing opinions whether he should or should not fight, there's not much doubt that the many boxing fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are willing to pay to see him fight Jeremy Bates on August 18." 

Bedford said only a handful of top price tickets ($200), remain.  Seating is set up for the lower 11,000 seats and the upper deck (300 sections) will only be opened if necessary. 

"That may very well be the situation as we get closer," said Bedford of opening the upper 7,100 seats.  "Right now, we want to assure that anyone buying tickets has the best seats possible by staying with the two lower levels and the floor.  We will only open the top if it becomes necessary and the way it looks, that could very well be the case in the end."