Holt to Salita: I already got the ESPN date; let’s get in on May 27th!

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Holt to Salita: I already got the ESPN date; let’s get in on May 27th!

“If David Diaz was just a record, then put your record up B**ch!”

After catching wind that Jr. Welterweight prospect Dmitriy Salita 21-0(12), had responded to the criticism he had given by saying “Kendall Holt just got knocked out in the first round two fights ago, so I don’t know how he can have the right to say anything.” A furious Kendall “Rated-R” Holt 18-1(12) contacted Boxingtalk.com with some choice words as well as a challenge to face him on national television. “I got the May 27th date on ESPN down in D.C. We are trying to secure the fight for the NABF title”

RC: What’s going Kendall?

KH: What’s going on is that I get a phone call about some propaganda that is going on, that Dimity is talking some shit. I don’t know what his problem is, but I heard he said something about what I said when I said he didn’t fight anybody, and that he came back with some words. I actually didn’t read the article yet. But my thing is this, to me they give him a high ranking and to me he didn’t fight anybody good enough. No ranked fighters or anyone to get the ranking that he was getting. And that is just my opinion, it wasn’t anything personal, that’s my opinion and I am entitled to it. Now he is coming back with some words or whatever, now I didn’t read the article, but my thing is if he got something to say and he don’t like what I say, we can do whatever. We got the greatest sport in the world, if you get mad at somebody you can fight. That is what you do in this sport, if you don’t like somebody you take it to the ring. If you don’t like what somebody said or what somebody did or whatever you go see that person. So my whole thing is if you don’t like what I said, then come see me.

I got the May 27th date on ESPN down in D.C. We are trying to secure the fight for the NABF title; we are trying to get it sanctioned, so if he want to come see me, then come see me. It is a business to me, you can respect somebody and you don’t speak to them when you see them or whatever, but when you are in the same weight class with somebody, aint no room for us to have a friendship. We are in the same weight class trying to achieve the same thing. If somebody got what I want, and you feel that we are friends when we get inside that ring you are not going to feel that way because I am going to try and take your head off.

RC: What does Dmitriy Salita have that you want?

KH: He doesn’t have what I want, but we are trying to achieve the same thing, which is to become world champ, and if I can beat him that is just another step toward my goal, I will take another undefeated fighter out.

RC: Well since you didn’t get a chance to actually read the article yourself as of yet, I’ll read it to you and you can give us your thoughts on it. (One-on-One with Dimitry Salita)

KH: First of all, beat a record? Who the fuck has he fought. Paul Delgado beat the shit out of him, they robbed Paul Delgado, second of all I am not trying to get any f*%king attention because my skills speak for itself. Yes I took an “L”, so if he feels as if I am a garbage fighter, tell him to step into the ring and fight me then. I am not trying to talk shit, I am not trying to degrade nobody, and if he took what I said about him being rated higher than he should have, he should accept the criticism and look back and say to himself “Ooh yeah I haven’t fought anybody” who the f*&k you fought faggot?

If David Diaz was just a record? So what? Then put your record up Bitch! Tell that pussy to put his record, if he don’t think he is a record, tell him to put his shit up and I will do him worse than what I did him in the amateurs.

RC: What happened ion the amateurs between the two of you?

KH: I beat the shit out of him; I don’t even think he hit me once. Then ask him what happened in sparring when he was getting ready for that fight with the old man that he fought.

RC: What happened when the two of you sparred each other?

KH: I had his trainer yelling at him, and I was just playing still hitting him with everything. Beating a record? Then mother f**ker you get in there then.

Ooh yeah I got stopped, I got caught so what. And when was I back? Four months later I was back (Against Roberto Ortega), who the f**k comes back four months later? And then a month and a half I was back again (Against Juan Carlos Escobar) and then in two months I was back in against the number two guy (Against David Diaz) in the world.
He is always crying about he cant get in the ring, or ooh my religion this my religion that then when would your religion allow you to fight

RC: So you are offering him to fight you on May 27th for the NABF title on ESPN?

KH: Yeah, May 27th. If I am just beating a record and I am nobody and you felt I degraded you, then back your words up and shut me the fuck up. Because the only time any body is ever going to shut me the fuck up is if they beat me.

I wasn’t even trying to degrade him, I was just stating my opinion on what I thought he did, and he didn’t do anything. He was protected by his powerful promoter (Top Rank). Now since he doesn’t have that powerful promoter, what will he do with his career? What in his last fight he beat a guy 17-13? Get the fuck out of here.

RC: Kendall, it looks like May 27th won’t be good for him, that lands on a Friday night and due to his religious beliefs (Orthodox Judaism) he will be prohibited to fight that…

KH: (Cutting in) If he so call follows his religion, what religion will allow you to do battle the way you do battle. What religion will honestly let you fight like this, if he is so called following his religion?

RC: Well I know he can fight on a Thursday nights, or Possibly a Saturday night if I am not mistaken…

KH: (Cutting in) a Thursday or a Saturday it is all bulls**t. All excuses….then how is he ever going to fight on HBO or something like that. How is he ever going to step up? ESPN loves me so whatever day he needs, we will make that day.

RC: I know ESPN is bringing back Tuesday night fights; maybe all the parties involved can make it on a Tuesday night fight?

KH: Whatever, we can do some special stuff. I’m sure my friends at ESPN won’t mind, I know I won’t mind, and I don’t give a shit. We could fight Tuesday and then come back and fight Saturday night again. He doesn’t have anything, what tools does he have. You see I never had a problem with him, I was just stating that I don’t think he is fighting anybody. I wasn’t trying to degrade him or play him out or nothing. 

My think to Dmitriy is this, what do you have that can actually get you to the top of the Jr. Welterweight division? Do you have speed? NO! You got power? NO! You got movement? NO! You got charisma? NO! You are where you are at because you are a white boy and your promoter was protecting you. You are a white boy and they are protecting you, what the fuck is he going to do with a N***a from the hood? You don’t have any power to keep me off of you.

What are you going to do when I put that shotgun jab on you, what are you going to do? You think I am going to fight you the way I fought Diaz? Hello NO! I’m saying don’t talk shit about me, I didn’t say nothing bad about you, don’t talk shit about me if you don’t want to fight. That is what I do with me life, I fight! And everybody in the street knows that too; don’t say anything about me if you don’t want to see me. I mean if you actually had something to actually even challenge me and challenge my skills or my attributes I have, then I could understand. But you have nothing, you have nothing equivalent to what I got.

Your record is decent, it was built but it is decent, I mean I don’t have a problem with the guy, and I hope he does real good in his career, but when he fuck up against me it is going to get cut short. I will crack that mother f**king goose egg I tell you. Don’t F**k with me, I am on another level. I just didn’t get there yet, but you better believe that I am a different level of a fighter, especially when you aint got shit. What the f**k does he have? NOTHING! The only thing he had was a powerful promoter, what else did he have? NOTHING! He had a promoter with money that was feeding opponents to him.  I’m done man; you already know what it is

RC: Is there anything else you would like to say in closing?

KH: My closing statement is, I am not the top fighter, but I am getting there and I aint the captain of the yacht, but I am on the boat. In a year or two, I am about to the be in charge of the Jr. Welterweight division like Nino Brown was in charge of the Carter, I am Nino Brown and inside that squared circle is the Carter, I am going to own that shit.


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