Holt: "I should be next in line for Cotto!"

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Holt: "I should be next in line for Cotto!"

RC: Kendall what‘s the latest going on with you? "Well there were some talks about me fighting (Miguel) Cotto, but I don’t know if that is going to happen. To me is makes sense because the number one guy for his belt is fighting Tszyu, and the number two guy I just knocked out. So he should give me an opportunity to fight for him for his belt. He will get to be in there with a real Jr. Welterweight, someone that is right there with him, not a past champion or a blown up Lightweight that makes him look good. I actually think it would be a pretty good fight for him because it would make his stock rise being in there with somebody his age, some body that is not worn out, someone that is not blown up and someone that is just as dangerous as he is. So it would be a good fight for him too.

RC: If not Cotto, any other names on the Agenda?

KH: I notice that the NABA and the NABF belt is also vacant, so if I cant get one of the top guys, and I had to crawl before I walk, hopefully I would get a shot at one of those two regional titles. I am rankled # 2 in the NABA, and I am also ranked in the NABF, so if I can get a shot at one of those title, that would be good too.

RC: Any idea of when you might return to the ring?

KH: We are trying to get an ESPN date for late May, so I am actually training already like I already have the date. We are just going to see if there are going to broadcast it.

RC: Other than Cotto, are they any other names that came up when talking about a possible opponent for you?

KH: Nah that is the only name that came up. I want to fight him really bad, most of the guys he has fought were coming up from Lightweight, and then he comes into the fight 156-157lbs just out muscling these guys.

RC: What has it been like for you since your last in which you won an eighth round TKO over previously unbeaten 1996 Olympian David Diaz? Do you feel as if you have been receiving a lot more respect you felt that you always deserved?

KH: People are starting to pay attention that I can fight and that I am not scared to fight anybody. Some people are actually starting to see that I can fight, I mean before the fight, who actually picked me to beat Diaz? Very few people pick out there to beat Diaz, and I think they are going to be very few people who pick me to beat Cotto. My movement is going to be hard to deal with, especially being that I am working on it more and more, perfecting it more and more.

RC: Before we go any further, why don’t you give us your thoughts on your performance against Diaz?

KH: My last performance, went exactly according to plan, we figured the fight was going to be easy because we knew that Diaz wasn’t going to be able to deal with my movement.  Then we figured if he did happen to slow me down and trap me off, my punching power would be too much for him, because he never fought anybody with my speed, he never fought anybody with the quickness that I had or the power that I had. That is why when they offered me the fight; I didn’t even ask any questions I said Hell Yeah. We went to camp sparred with a couple of top guys that came right at me and didn’t let me get much rest, because we knew we were going in against Diaz who is an aggressive guy. I just stayed off the ropes and stayed in the middle of the ring boxing, the only thing that I didn’t do, is throw the combinations like we were practicing, and because of that I give myself an “A-“.

RC: How would you rank the top prospects in the division?

KH: If we are going on records and look at who beat who, and stuff like that. I know I wouldn’t put Dmitriy Salita in there because to me he hasn’t fought anybody, and he hasn’t done anything. Not in any particular order, I would put me, (Paulie) Malignaggi, Mohamed Abdulaev, Demetrius Hopkins and let me see….(Starts to think)

RC: How about Arnaoutis, Diaz…?

KH: I would put Arnaoutis as the fifth one.

RC: If you had to put them in order how would you rank it?

KH: I would put Malignaggi number one because he is has the WBC International title and he is number six in the WBC.

RC: (Cutting in) If you were to throw all of that out of the window, and go off of pure talent in your opinion how would you rank the above mentioned?

KH: I am number one, I gotta be number one. I got the movement, speed and the power. Plus I have the intelligence that can deal with any style. I would have to put me number one, then I would put Abdulaev, Demetrius (Hopkins), then I would put Malignaggi, Oscar (Diaz) and then Arnaoutis.

RC: Is there anything you would like to say to your supporters out there and any of the fighters in your division that might be out there reading this?

KH: You are hearing it first here on Boxcingtalk.com with Ray Campbell, before I turn 26, so sometime while I am 25 I will be crowned world champion so watch out and stay tuned.

RC: For those who don’t know, how old are you?

KH: My birthday is June 14th, and I will be 24 this June, so in another year with the way I am training and the way I have been thinking, in every fight I am getting better and better.  I train harder and harder everyday and I am really understanding what training really means, and learning about what you have to put in, in order to get what you want out. . And I promise you, I promise the world, inside of my 26th birthday I will be world champion.
Vivian Harris can bring his muscle, Floyd Mayweather can bring his speed, Kostya Tszyu  can bring his right hand, and Cotto can bring the while Puerto Rico with him and it will not be going down there way.

RC: Now, we understand that Cotto might be in your league, but do you really feel as if you are ready for a Floyd Mayweather, Vivian Harris and Kostya Tszyu now?

KH: Before I turn 26 I will be the king of the Jr. Welterweight division. Rated-R means Running Across The Entire Division Ruthlessly, and I am going to do it smart. I am going to gain my experience, and before I turn 26 I will be crowned World champion.

RC: Is there anything you would like to add in closing?

KH: In closing I want to say to every male in the world. Let’s get together and make them make a rule for this child support. If you take care of your kids and you can prove you take care of your kids, there is no need for child support. The system is making Child Support into a weapon, and these women are abusing it. Nobody is standing up for us, so we have to stand up for our god damn selves. Child support should only be for Dead Beat father’s that don’t take care of their kids.

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