Holm ready to headline card at Isleta

By Antonio Lujan Sr.


Holm ready to headline card at Isleta

This Friday night, Holly Holm will do what most women boxers could only dream of, Headline a fight card featuring male fighters. Unless your Layla Ali it rarely happens. Holm will take on Denver's Teri Blair for the vacant IBA women's welterweight title. If successful Holm may have a date with Mia St. John this coming March. St. John will been attendance Friday's fight card. We spoke to Holm about her possible bout with St. John and well as a rubber match against Albuquerque's Stephanie Jaramillo.

AL: Holly, how do you feel about this Friday’s upcoming fight with Teri Blair?

HH: I’m nervous for every fight, its nothing new, she’s a lefty, I’ve never fought a lefty, I’ve spared in class with Tommy Aragon, he is a lefty.

AL: Are you fully recovered from the accident you were in before the Las Vegas  NM Card?

HH: I have no pain, it takes a while to get over though, and I feel good and ready for Friday.

AL: How do you think the fight with Rita Turrisi would have resulted if you hadn’t gotten cut so bad?

HH: I think I would have won the fight, I felt I was ahead at that point, I was in better shape than her, next round would have been better, I’m not taking nothing away from her, she was good fighter.

AL: What are your feelings on possibly fighting Mia St.John?

HH: Its something that’s been talked about a lot, may be the next step for me, I’ve seen her fight a couple of times. She has more experience; she’s a good fighter, and something to train for.

AL: Will there be anything different you do on this fight that you didn’t do in your fight with Turrisi?

HH: There will be a lot of different things, cause this girl Blair is a lefty, and I’m left-handed myself. Definitely a lot of footwork, I’ll be punching different ways, there will be a lot different things I do in the ring.

AL: This Friday night’s fight is going to be big for you, is there anyone or anything you’d like to dedicate it to?

HH: There’s a range of things I’d like to thank. First and for most God. Without God and his guidance, I wouldn’t have this passion for boxing. He gives me my good health and strength. My family and friends. My training support that taught me the knowledge of fighting. All of these people contribute to every fight.

AL: How do you feel about fighting for Fresquez Productions, most women don’t fight main events, its usually men that do, what does it feel like to be fighting in the main event? Do you feel pressure because of that?

HH: There is pressure for every fight. I have expectations for myself. I put so much into it. People want to see me perform at my best, and fight my best and do the best I can do. My Albuquerque fans are a plus.  The fans also give pressure, which is always good. Fighting for Fresquez is great. He’s been so good to us. He’s helped make it happen.

AL: Would you consider fighting Stephanie Jaramillo again? You won the first fight; the second fight was a draw.

HH: Well, those fights were definitely good fights. Those fights helped me get to where I am now. Everyone is looking for the rematch. It has to be the right time, for the right money. I’d like to fight more people. Its good to go against new fighters. Although, Stephanie Jaramillo would be a consideration.

NewMexicoSportsNews.com and BoxingTalk.com would like to thank Holly Holm for her time tonight, and wish her the best of luck this Friday Night at Isleta Casino Resort.