Hide moves down to cruiserweight, hires Mayweather Sr.


Hide moves down to cruiserweight, hires Mayweather Sr.

PRESS RELEASE: Former two times WBO heavyweight champion Herbie Hide has enlisted the services of the respected Floyd Mayweather Senior ahead of his assault on the cruiserweight division. ‘The Dancing Destroyer’ has returned to his training base in Las Vegas in order to work with the father of WBC light welterweight champion and pound for pound contender ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather after a stay in Nigeria that followed the death of a close relative.


“Things have been a bit rough recently, but now it is time for me to get down to business again,” said Hide, who should next fight in September.


“Some people will doubt me because I have had comebacks stall in the past, but this time its different. I am going to win a third world title.”


He added: “The decision to move down to cruiserweight has re-invigorated me. This is a completely fresh challenge; I feel the excitement again.


“I am excited that I am going to make history by becoming the first British fighter to win a world title at heavyweight and then at cruiserweight.


“Now I enjoy getting up early in the morning to go for my runs. Now I can’t wait to get in the gym, particularly since I have started working with Floyd.


“He is different to anybody else I have worked with in the past, because he commands my respect. I take in everything he says.


“When Floyd started training me, I queried something he said. He turned round and asked me if I wanted a trainer or not.


“He is a strict disciplinarian and that is just what I need.


“With Floyd in my corner I am going to wreak havoc at cruiserweight. As a heavyweight I knocked out 34 of my 35 victims, can you imagine what I am going to be able to do now?


“I have been watching videos of all the world champions in the division. They wont be able to live with me. I could take out Johnny Nelson, Jean Marc Mormeck and O’Neil Bell on the same night.”


Hide’s new trainer shares his confidence.


"Herbie was knocking out heavy weights when he was a cruiserweight, now he is fighting at the weight he should have been from the beginning, I dread to think what he will do,” said Floyd Mayweather Senior.


“Remember that Riddick Bowe said that Herbie was the hardest puncher he had ever met - Herbie was only a cruiserweight then and he was still hurting heavyweights.


“With the way I have got him catching and throwing punches it is going to be an exciting year.


“The cruiserweight division needs someone like him: a two times heavyweight champion of the world who was knocking out heavyweights.


“Herbie will bring that power, excitement and money to the division."


Such is Hide’s reputation that he has already been avoided heavily at cruiserweight in Britain.


“When David Haye pulled out of the Mark Hobson fight on the Fight Academy show scheduled for July 22nd, I offered to step in on just eight days notice,” Hide explained.


“The Hennessy Sports matchmaker John Ingle even contacted the Fight Academy matchmaker Richard Poxon to offer them the fight – before the show was cancelled by Sky.


“To prove to Sky that I was serious, I even faxed over a doctors certificate of my weight to prove that I could make the cruiserweight limit. On the Saturday before the fight, I was just 6lbs over – even though I had eaten twice that day.


“Me against Hobson would have been an excellent replacement fight. The fans would have got to see me knocking out a British champion in style.


Hide continued: “Through John Ingle, Hennessy Sports have also made a generous offer to Richard Poxon at Fight Academy for Carl Thompson to fight me.


“For some reason, they weren’t interested. Do these guys want to fight or not?”